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Get Precision Results with Testo, The Industry-Leading Manufacturer of Portable Test and Measurement Solutions, Specializing in Areas from Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Combustion to Smart Probes, Thermal Imaging, and Data Logging. Ideal for HVAC/R Contractors, Facility and Building Managers, Wholesalers, and Distributors, Testo Seamlessly Merges Advanced Technology with Practical Applications in Temperature, Humidity, Airflow, and Emissions Measurements. Elevate Your Testing Standards and Ensure Unparalleled Accuracy in Every Project with Testo’s Comprehensive Range.

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Precision HVAC/R Testing with Testo

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Unlock the Future of HVAC/R: Contractors and Distributors’ Gateway to Testo’s SMART Instrument Innovations

Delve into the future of HVAC/R with Testo’s innovative suite of SMART instruments, tailored to streamline AC and refrigeration tasks with unprecedented ease. Introducing the groundbreaking Testo 560i Digital Refrigerant Scale paired with the Intelligent Valve – a novel solution designed to simplify the refrigeration charging process, seamlessly integrating with digital manifolds and the user-friendly Testo Smart App. The Testo 550s and Testo 557s Smart Digital Manifolds enhance measurement accuracy and efficiency, boasting wireless connectivity, guided menus, and durable build quality. These tools, alongside the Testo 550i, the market’s most compact digital manifold, and the wireless Testo 552i vacuum probe, are set to reshape the HVAC/R landscape, providing contractors and technicians unparalleled control, precision, and convenience in every job.

Embrace the Future with A2L Refrigerants: As the US phases down R-410A in 2024, Testo’s refrigeration tools, including Digital Manifolds, are fully compatible with eco-friendly A2L refrigerants, keeping you ahead in a market shifting away from high GWP refrigerants.



Experience Unparalleled Efficiency with the Testo 550s and Testo 557s Smart Digital Manifolds, Featuring Intuitive Guided Menus, Wireless Bluetooth® Probe Connectivity, and the Reliability of the Testo Smart App for Precise and Versatile HVAC Measurements. A2L Compatible.


Optimize Your HVAC Tasks with the Testo 550i, The Market’s Most Compact Fully Digital Manifold, Offering Precise Measurements, Streamlined Operations via the Testo Smart App, and Efficient Digital Documentation for Time-saving Service. A2L Compatible.

TESTO 552i

Experience Hassle-Free HVAC Servicing with the Testo 552i, A Wireless Smart AppControlled Vacuum Probe that Offers Rapid Measurements Through a Single Service Port, Seamlessly Integrating with The Testo Smart App and Digital Manifolds A2L Compatible.


Testo Introduces its Groundbreaking Testo 560i Digital Refrigerant Scale and Intelligent Valve, Simplifying the Charging of Refrigeration Systems, Mini Splits, and Heat Pumps with Patented Technology, Seamlessly Integrating with Digital Manifolds and the Testo Smart App. A2L Compatible.


Precision Under Pressure: Testo’s Comprehensive Suite of Elite Pressure Measurement Instruments
In Discovering Testo’s Comprehensive Pressure Measurement Suite for contractors, distributors, wholesalers, HVAC/R professionals and more, Testo’s diverse range of pressure measurement instruments is a game-changer. Whether it’s the impeccable precision of Testo Absolute Pressure Instruments or the crucial efficiency of Differential Pressure Instruments, each category stands out in its unique way. Facility managers and building managers often rely on Pressure Leak Detectors to safeguard infrastructure, while Vacuum Measurement Instruments serve as invaluable assets for intricate HVAC tasks. Additionally, the Refrigerant Leak Detectors guarantee environmental safety and cost-saving benefits, and High-Pressure Gauges ensure meticulousness in high-stress environments. In an ever-evolving market where accuracy and reliability are paramount, Testo’s suite promises unparalleled excellence for every HVAC endeavor.


Unlock the pinnacle of precision with Testo’s Absolute Pressure Instruments. Designed meticulously for sealed systems, Testo’s instruments stand as the gold standard for absolute pressure measurements, such as during the venting of systems or evacuating HVAC setups. Beyond its primary function, Testo’s robust range caters to an expansive array of applications – from facility management and HVAC operations to intricate laboratory and production processes. These instruments, equipped with both fixed and connectable probes, encapsulate the perfect blend of versatility, durability, and cutting-edge accuracy.


Dive into the realm of precise differential pressure measurements with Testo’s unparalleled range of instruments. Renowned for their precision and innovation, Testo’s differential pressure measuring devices, especially the testo 510i Bluetooth manometer, are meticulously designed to cater to diverse applications, be it assessing gas hot water heaters, filtering air conditioning systems, or flow measurements in ventilation ducts. The integration of Bluetooth technology enhances convenience by allowing seamless viewing and sharing of measurement data via the Smart App. Beyond this, Testo’s offerings, from classic gauges to their smart variants, are crafted to perfection— compact, robust, and user-centric, ensuring measurements are always accurate, clear, and at your fingertips.

Testo 570S measuring instrument


Climate control systems demand unwavering accuracy and efficiency, which the testo 570s digital manifold provides. This tool stands out with its Bluetooth connectivity and a four-way valve block, proving indispensable for HVAC professionals. Its remarkable 360-hour battery life ensures reliable performance for both long and short-term diagnostics. Precision-engineered, the Testo 570s works with A3 and A2L refrigerants and offers a 0.25% full scale accuracy, capturing even the slightest pressure discrepancies. Coupled with the Testo Smart App, it performs intelligent error analysis to detect any faults seamlessly. The Testo 570s is the HVAC expert’s trusted partner for maintaining system integrity and ensuring a safe, efficient environment.


In the intricate domain of HVAC systems, ensuring a proper vacuum is pivotal, and this is where Testo’s advanced vacuum gauges come into play. Meticulously designed for high-precision vacuum measurement, these gauges are indispensable for the reliable evacuation of heat pumps, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. With the integration of modern technology, Testo’s gauges also boast remote monitoring capabilities through smartphones and tablets. But what truly sets Testo apart is its holistic approach to design – while delivering impeccable accuracy, the gauges also emphasize userfriendliness, rugged durability, and seamless work process. Whether you’re seeking real-time data or the resilience to withstand challenging conditions, Testo ensures you have a reliable companion by your side.


The health of a refrigeration system is a critical component of its overall performance. Any leakage, however minute, can jeopardize its efficiency, potentially leading to substantial system failures and financial implications. The repercussions of a leak are not limited to system damage. It transcends to environmental concerns and unexpected expenses for consumers. Hence, pinpointing and addressing these leaks becomes paramount. The Testo 316-4 and 316-3 leak detector emerges as a frontrunners in this quest, ensuring that even the tiniest of leaks don’t go undetected. Its state-of-the-art features are designed to provide rapid, reliable results, making it an indispensable tool for those seeking to uphold the highest standards in refrigeration system maintenance and safety.


In many technical applications, pressure stands as a silent yet potent force. It’s not just about the mere presence of pressure, but the preciseness of its measurement, especially in domains like air conditioning and refrigeration. The fluctuations or variances in pressure can influence the overall efficiency and performance of these systems. Enter Testo’s high-pressure gauge – a compact yet powerful device tailored for both high and low-pressure readings. Beyond the standard measurements, this device epitomizes practicality and convenience. Whether it’s quick installations or remote diagnostics on air conditioning and refrigeration systems, the testo 549i high-pressure gauge paired with modern technology ensures accuracy without the loss of refrigerant. Equipped with wireless capabilities, it’s more than just a gauge – it’s a revolution in pressure measurement.


Testo Heating & Air Quality Solutions: Precision Instruments for Optimal Climate Control

Explore Testo’s comprehensive range of HVAC solutions, engineered for precision climate control and air quality management. Our cutting-edge portfolio features state-of-the-art Combustion/Flue Gas Analyzers, essential for optimizing boiler and burner performance with innovative digital connectivity. The Testo 310 analyzer revolutionizes residential heating efficiency, enhancing home comfort while reducing energy costs. Discover the Testo 160 IAQ Wi-Fi data logger, a discreet yet powerful tool for real-time indoor air quality monitoring, ensuring healthier, more productive spaces. Our advanced Combustion/Leak Detectors are indispensable for detecting subtle leaks, enhancing system safety across diverse applications. Testo Smoke Detectors deliver critical insights into particulate emissions, aiding compliance in industrial settings. The Testo Smart Probes HVAC/R Ultimate Kit, an all-encompassing toolkit, offers unparalleled diagnostic precision for HVAC professionals. Choose Testo for reliable, innovative solutions in heating and air quality management, driving forward a safer, more efficient future.



In the evolving world of energy and emissions, Testo stands at the forefront with its cutting-edge Combustion/Flue Gas Analyzers. Once a bulky tool from yesteryears, today’s Testo combustion analyzers are sleek, compact, and digitally connected, crafted meticulously to ensure optimal boiler and burner operations. With over 60 years of engineering excellence, these devices are designed not just for measuring but for maximizing efficiency, minimizing emissions, and enhancing user convenience. From the Testo 310’s simultaneous multi-parameter analysis to the groundbreaking features of the Next-Gen Testo 300, every aspect screams innovation. Intuitive touch interfaces, immediate readiness, seamless digital reporting, and extended warranties make these tools not just instruments, but a testament to Testo’s commitment to excellence and environmental stewardship.

Testo 310 II Residential Combustion Analyzer in Use, Displaying Advanced Diagnostics for Heating Systems


In the complex world of residential heating systems where inefficiency and combustion inaccuracies lurk unseen, the Testo 310 II residential combustion analyzer emerges as a vital tool for accuracy and dependability. Expertly designed to tackle these challenges, it boasts simultaneous, individual measurements of O2, CO, CO2, flue and ambient temperatures, making it indispensable for heating technicians. The analyzer’s rapid 30-second startup and durable, kink-resistant probe hose streamline diagnostics without compromising precision. Its adaptability extends across various heating systems and fuels, from furnaces and boilers to water heaters, ensuring versatility in diverse scenarios. Integrated with the Testo Smart App for enhanced functionality and data management, the Testo 310 II not only measures but also ensures optimal performance of heating systems, enhancing safety and efficiency for a more reliable home environment. This all-encompassing instrument, with its robust construction and long battery life, is a testament to Testo’s commitment to advancing heating system maintenance and diagnostics.


In the dynamic sphere of indoor environments, air quality plays a critical yet often underestimated role in health and well-being. The Testo 160 IAQ Wi-Fi data logger emerges as a guardian of indoor air, deftly monitoring the unseen but vital parameters that define a space’s breathability. Crafted with the precision German engineering is known for, this discreet device is a powerhouse of monitoring, leveraging internal sensors to measure temperature, humidity, CO2, and atmospheric pressure with unwavering accuracy. Effortlessly integrating into any Wi-Fi network, the Testo 160 IAQ keeps a vigilant eye on air quality, alerting you through visual signals and digital notifications to ensure optimal conditions. Its optional camouflage cover allows it to blend into any setting, from galleries to classrooms, while maintaining the sanctity of the air. The Testo 160 IAQ is not just an instrument but a dedicated steward of indoor air quality, ensuring that every breath taken is a step towards health and alertness.


In the demanding world of system safety and maintenance, the detection of leaks is paramount. Leaks, often elusive, can pose significant risks—be it from hazardous vapors exceeding permissible levels or the integrity of a system’s atmosphere and piping. For professionals like installers, environmental managers, or safety supervisors, ensuring a leak-free environment goes beyond mere compliance. It’s about safeguarding workspaces, understanding intricate systems, and ensuring smooth operations. With Testo’s state-of-the-art Combustion/Leak Detectors, you’re equipped with precision tools that not only detect leaks but give you a comprehensive insight into their severity. From the highly sensitive testo 316-3 Refrigerant Leak Detector, designed with a patented heated diode sensor, to the testo 316-4 with its remarkable sensitivity, Testo ensures that even the smallest discrepancies are brought to light. And for those dealing with natural gas pipes, the testo 316-1 is your trusted companion, adept at locating the exact leak position. In a world where precision matters, Testo stands by you, making your safety and efficiency its top priority.


In an era where environmental safety and efficiency are paramount, monitoring fine and soot particles has never been more critical. These minuscule particles, often invisible to the naked eye, can pose significant risks due to emissions and flue gas loss, especially in oil heating systems. Adhering to performance indicators is not just a regulatory necessity but a commitment to our environment. In industrial environments, where the proximity of employees to systems emitting particulate matter is a concern, accurate and timely measurement is vital. Enter the Testo Combustion Smoke Detectors. Armed with advanced tools like the flue gas analyzer, professionals can now swiftly assess the smoke number, gauging the soot generation of systems with precision. Among these innovations is the Testo 338—a breakthrough mobile device that instantly calculates and displays the degree of blackening. Whether it’s an FSN (Filter Smoke Number), Bosch number, or soot concentration, this device makes on-site evaluations seamless. Enhanced by wireless data transfer capabilities, results are easily shared, stored, and analyzed. Compact and user-friendly, the Testo 338 is the quintessential tool for industries committed to maintaining the highest standards in diesel engine operation and maintenance.


In the dynamic field of HVAC/R, precision is not just a requirement but the standard. The Testo Smart Probes HVAC/R Ultimate Kit enters the scene as a comprehensive suite of tools engineered for the utmost accuracy in heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilation systems. This all-in-one kit combines the prowess of temperature, pressure, humidity, and flow Smart Probes, all manageable via a smartphone or tablet. It’s the technician’s preferred ally, enabling a new level of efficiency with live data graphing, easy parameter calculation, and instant report generation through the Testo Smart App. The extended Bluetooth range of up to 350 feet allows for unprecedented flexibility, while the kit itself, complete with the testo 115i, 549i, and 605i among others, is a testament to the adaptability and forward-thinking design. For HVAC/R professionals who demand reliability and detail, the Testo Smart Probes HVAC/R Ultimate Kit is the quintessential instrument, transforming complex diagnostics into a streamlined process.


Total Air Quality Solutions: Testo’s Premium HVAC/R & Building Management Instruments Unveiled
Navigating the intricate landscape of HVAC/R, facility and building management demands precision, and Testo’s Total Air Quality Solutions ensure just that. From the keen insights of Testo Air Flow Anemometers to the robust data capturing capabilities of Testo Data Loggers, each instrument serves as an indispensable ally for contractors, distributors, and wholesalers. Facility managers and building managers often rely on the impeccable accuracy of our Humidity Measurement tools, while HVAC professionals discern intricate thermal patterns using the Testo Thermal Imager. Meanwhile, our transmitters/transducers effortlessly convert physical quantities into discernible electronic signals, streamlining processes for all. And for those on-the-go? The Testo Smart Probes offer compact, Bluetooth-enabled diagnostics right at your fingertips. Precision engineered for top-tier performance, Testo instruments ensure that regardless of your role – be it in facility management, HVAC/R, distribution, contract management, or building management – your pressure measurement needs are not only met but surpassed.


In the intricate world of airflow management, precise measurement tools become the cornerstone of accuracy and safety. Whether in the bustling industrial sector or a subdued indoor environment, understanding and monitoring flow dynamics is essential. This is where Testo’s comprehensive range of air flow measurement instruments come into play. From the classic vane anemometer, renowned for its quick wind speed measurements both outdoors and indoors, to the versatile thermal anemometer that offers a holistic assessment of airspeed, volume flow, and temperature, the options are vast. For larger air inlets and outlets, the Testo 420 Air Flow Capture Hood is the epitome of precision and innovation, boasting ergonomic design, unparalleled accuracy, and a smart app connection for streamlined operations. Regardless of the specific application—be it duct, outlet, filter, or comfort level measurements—Testo’s instruments are designed with the user’s convenience and the industry’s requirements in mind, ensuring reliable results every time.


In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, continuous and accurate monitoring of environmental parameters is indispensable. The essence of maintaining optimal indoor air quality or ensuring the right conditions for product storage often boils down to keeping tabs on key metrics like temperature, humidity, and CO₂ levels. Enter the world of Testo Data Loggers – versatile tools designed to provide a consistent and reliable log of these critical values. From public infrastructure to private establishments, these devices play an instrumental role in ensuring safety and operational efficiency. Whether it’s the convenience of a USB data logger, the modern touch of a WiFi-connected system, or the specificity of a temperature or UV logger, Testo offers an extensive array. As you delve into the myriad options, it’s vital to consider factors like measurement precision, battery life, associated software, and any potential follow-on costs. With Testo’s comprehensive lineup, you’re not just choosing a data logger; you’re investing in trust, innovation, and unwavering quality.


In an environment where every small fluctuation matters, the ability to precisely measure and monitor humidity levels becomes indispensable. Enter the realm of Testo Humidity Measurement Devices – a suite of meticulously designed tools dedicated to ensuring that your indoor air maintains the optimal balance of moisture. Whether you’re managing a commercial facility, overseeing a vast industrial setup, or just concerned about the comfort of your own home, Testo provides an array of moisture meters, or hygrometers, that gauge both humidity and material moisture with unmatched accuracy and speed. Factors such as internal humidity production, external air exchange, and moisture retention capabilities of walls can greatly influence indoor humidity levels. With a Testo moisture meter in hand, not only can you measure these essential parameters, but also delve deeper by understanding dewpoints, wet bulb temperatures, and potential mold-prone areas. After all, ensuring comfort isn’t just about maintaining the right temperature, but also about ensuring the right balance of humidity. With Testo, you’re not just investing in a device, but in the assurance of optimal indoor air quality and comfort.


In a world where precision, accuracy, and swift problem detection are paramount, the thermal imager emerges as an indispensable asset in various sectors. This powerful tool, more than just a device, acts as a visual gateway to temperature dynamics often hidden from the naked eye. From revealing the subtle temperature variances in building structures to ensuring the flawless operation of underfloor heating systems, the Testo Thermal Imager has proven its mettle. Maintenance teams can preemptively identify wear and tear, thus averting potential system failures, while those in the realm of research and development, power generation, or quality assurance can glean insights that were previously elusive. And with the introduction of the Testo 883 Thermal Imager, the horizon of possibilities just expanded. Dive into a universe where temperature gradients become tangible visual data, and let the Testo Thermal Imager be your guide to enhanced efficiency and problem-solving prowess.


In the intricate dance of engineering and industry, the Testo Transmitter emerges as the quintessential choreographer. These transducers seamlessly translate physical quantities into readable electrical signals, bridging the gap between the tangible world and electronic measurement tools. In essence, they are the eloquent interpreters of diverse parameters like temperature, pressure, and humidity, converting them into standard signals like the ubiquitous 4- 20 mA. This pivotal role makes transmitters indispensable in the realm of industry, where the precise comparison and relay of data over vast distances can mean the difference between optimal operations and systemic inefficiencies. Whether you’re venturing into the nuances of differential pressure or the subtleties of humidity variations, there’s a Testo Transmitter tailored for your needs. These devices not only promise precision but also champion adaptability, serving many industries and applications. As you embark on your journey to select the perfect transducer, remember to consider its measurement spectrum, accuracy, and compatibility with your operational needs. After all, in the symphony of industry, the Testo Transmitter is the conductor ensuring every note is pitch-perfect.


In today’s fast-paced HVAC world, the need for accurate, efficient, and portable measurement tools has never been greater. Enter Testo’s Smart Probes: the epitome of technological advancement, seamlessly melding the traditional with the modern. These pocket-sized powerhouses, equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, offer an intuitive bridge to your smartphone or tablet through the Testo Smart app, revolutionizing the way HVAC professionals approach their tasks. Gone are the days of cumbersome equipment and tedious manual reporting. With the tap of a screen, not only can you retrieve comprehensive data, but you can also generate and share detailed reports. From inspecting ventilation systems to gauging the health of conventional heating systems, these versatile probes are adept at capturing a broad spectrum of parameters, be it pressure, temperature, humidity, or air flow velocity. Embrace the future of HVAC diagnostics with Testo Smart Probes and elevate your efficiency to unprecedented heights.


Testo Instruments with Texas Reps: Precision, Reliability and Expertise in the Diagnostic Landscape.
In the realm of precision, efficiency, and trustworthy diagnostics, Testo emerges as a premier choice for professionals in today’s competitive landscape. Serving a myriad of industries, including HVAC/R, facility management, food service, retail, and pharma, Testo’s testing and measuring devices have become indispensable tools for contractors, distributors, wholesalers, building managers, and HVAC/R technicians. As the demand for high-quality and consistent measurements surges across sectors, from food processing to pharmaceuticals, Testo’s robust catalog of instruments offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability. With a rich legacy dating back to its inception in 1957 in Lenzkirch, Germany, Testo has grown to be a globally recognized name, signifying innovation, quality, and precision. Their portfolio spans from simple electronic thermometers to sophisticated data loggers, air velocity meters, humidity and dew point meters, and cutting-edge thermal imagers.

Moving beyond just manufacturing instruments, Testo has carved a niche as a solutions provider. With its roots entrenched in German engineering and innovation, the company has expanded its global footprint, with 37 subsidiaries and over 80 agents worldwide. Testo North America, the bridge between the company’s rich history and its future aspirations, underscores the brand’s commitment to the North American market. Their versatile product line, ranging from stack gas analyzers, air emission monitors, to multifunctional instruments, reflects six decades of engineering prowess and a dedication to meeting the ever-evolving needs of professionals. As the Building, Mechanical, and HVAC/R industries continually evolve, Texas Reps commitment to delivering state-of-the-art measuring and testing devices ensures that professionals are equipped with the best tools for the job.