Mississippi HVAC/R Excellence with Texas Reps: Bridging Global Manufacturers to Diverse Sectors with Tailored Solutions & Unmatched Efficiency

In the heart of Mississippi, Texas Reps is recognized as the pinnacle HVAC/R manufacturers representative, masterfully linking top-tier global manufacturers to the state’s broad array of sectors. From contractors, distributors, construction firms, and engineers to educational institutions and facility managers, our expertise caters to a wide spectrum of industries. This includes the commercial and residential sector, indoor agriculture, food & beverage, manufacturing, oil & gas, petrochemical, mining, modular environments, energy storage, battery storage, telecom, and data centers. With Texas Reps by your side, receive unparalleled HVAC solutions, meticulously tailored to meet distinct requirements, enhancing comfort and efficiency throughout the Magnolia State.

Mars Air Curtains are the epitome of five decades of engineering prowess, providing obstruction-free sanitation and energy savings solutions, ideal for diverse industries from restaurants to industrial spaces, ensuring comfort, cleanliness, and cost-efficiency.

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Air King's Total Ventilation Solutions, a comprehensive portfolio of ENERGY STAR® certified exhaust fans, range hoods, and industrial air circulators, designed to enhance indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and comfort across both residential and commercial spaces.

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Bard Manufacturing leads the HVAC industry offering innovative and energy-efficient wall-mount air conditioners and heat pumps tailored for schools, modular constructions, and diverse sectors, setting new benchmarks in ambient control, eco-friendly practices, and cutting-edge technology.

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Macurco Gas Detection combines 50 years of expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver industry-leading fixed and portable gas detection solutions, ensuring unparalleled safety across various indoor environments and industries.

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Trinity Warranty Solutions champions HVAC/R extended service agreements with customized warranties, enhancing equipment longevity, mitigating unforeseen costs, and building a trusted legacy for HVAC contractors and distributors.

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Shurtape® Tapes provide unmatched precision and durability in HVAC and insulation projects, ensuring every bond stands strong against the most demanding conditions, while Duck Pro® by Shurtape® BR Code™ with BitRip® App transforms asset management through innovative scannable technology.

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Ideal Tridon, boasting decades of innovation, stands at the forefront in delivering robust and meticulously crafted clamping, fasteners, and support solutions, setting the benchmark for HVAC and construction experts worldwide.

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Parker Filtration stands as a pinnacle of excellence in the HVAC sector, delivering a vast array of high-efficiency filters that cater to diverse industries, ensuring optimal air quality, energy efficiency, and compliance with rigorous standards.

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ARRCO logo - Remanufacturer of high-quality, efficient, and quiet scroll compressors for HVAC systems

ARRCO: Over 50 years of expertise in remanufacturing high-quality, efficient scroll compressors for HVAC systems, delivering unmatched value and performance for distributors, contractors, and home warranty companies.

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Texas Reps: Leading HVAC Manufacturing Representative – Connecting You with the Elite Commercial & Residential HVAC Innovations


Mississippi’s Premier HVAC/R Connection: Texas Reps – Uniting Engineers, Distributors, to End-Users with Leading Global Manufacturers

In Mississippi, Texas Reps is your trusted HVAC/R partner, forging connections between engineers, contractors, architects, schools, and distributors to the end-users, thanks to our esteemed manufacturers. From initial planning to flawless installation, our approach is rooted in unmatched expertise, vision, and a relentless drive to uphold our customers’ esteem. We emphasize timely project execution, budget adherence, and exceptional performance, with a commitment to client satisfaction at every phase. Our diverse team brings innovative project management solutions and endless growth avenues. Central to Texas Reps is a culture of collaboration, where every voice matters, and all play a pivotal role, fostering a close-knit, familial atmosphere. For more insights or to engage with us directly, kindly contact our Mississippi regional office.


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Main Office: 13003 SW Freeway #125
Office Phone: (281) 240-5858
Inside Sales Support:

Inside Sales

Contact: Ava Sewell
Email: asewell@texasreps.com

Contact: Jake Larsen
Email: jlarsen@texasreps.com


Contact: Lenny Bolin
Email: lbolin@texasreps.com

Contact: JoJo Lea
Email: JoJo@texasreps.com

Commercial Distributors

Contact: Jeremy White
Email: jwhite@texasreps.com

Contact: Wes Farmer
Email: wfarmer@texasreps.com


Texas Reps in Mississippi: Enhancing HVAC/R Brand Dominance – Robust Partnerships, Complete State Coverage, & Focused Expansion Strategies.


Mississippi HVAC/R Excellence: Texas Reps Elevating Brands with Unrivaled Statewide Reach & Expertise

Mississippi HVAC/R Expansion with Texas Reps: Partnering Premier Brands to Statewide Success. Rooted in deep alliances with top-tier HVAC brands, distributors, and construction giants, we pave the path for unparalleled statewide reach in both residential and commercial arenas. Our comprehensive strategy is fortified by cutting-edge marketing endeavors and a relentless sales team committed to spotlighting your brand. With a knack for transforming stagnant territories, our innovative marketing blueprints, fused with our vast network, assure your brand’s aspirations come to fruition. Discover the Texas Reps difference and propel your brand’s prominence and influence in Mississippi.