Supporting & Advancing HVAC Education

Presented by Our Dynamic Network Partners, TEXREPS-U Brings Excellence to HVAC Training, Helping Our Customers Stay Current with Cutting-Edge Technology and Developing the Technical Skills and Strategies Necessary to Achieve Greatness.

  • Technical Training at our Network Partners
  • Off-site Training by Special Request
  • Systems Engineering Fundamentals
  • Continued Education
  • Online On-Demand Manufacturer Training
  • Curated Engineering Video
  • Exclusive Product Demonstrations
  • Informative, Research-Focused White Papers


Gain Knowledge on Industry Topics from Our Network of Commercial HVAC Experts.

Achieve your Engineering and HVAC Education Goals by Staying Up-to-Date with the Latest Technical and Commercial HVAC Systems and Code. Our Video Learning Tools, Including Equipment Demos, Provide Valuable Resources to Keep You Informed and Enhance Your Knowledge in the Field.

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Engaging HVAC education to keep you current and informed.

Our Texas Reps Network Offers a Wide Range of Exclusive Technical Training Opportunities. Our Comprehensive Lineup Covers Topics such as Installation, Service, Troubleshooting, and More. Take Advantage of these Valuable Training Sessions Reserved Exclusively for Our Customers.

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Deep dive into technical details of current commercial HVAC concepts and applications.

Empower Your Team Members with Comprehensive Engineering Know-how through Our Networks In-depth Reports. Covering a Wide Range Of Topics, these Reports Delve Into The General Fundamentals and Specific Details Of HVAC Systems. Gain Valuable Insights and Equip Your Team With The Knowledge Needed To Diagnose and Solve the Most Common HVAC Issues.

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Insights into our projects and solutions-thinking approach.

Experience Our Reputation for Creative Solutions, Responsive Service, and Innovative Products. Our Exceptional Team and Collaborative Manufacturers Make Remarkable Accomplishments Possible. Join Us and Witness the Difference of Working with a Dedicated Team that Brings Your Vision To Life.

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