ZSi Foster: The Industry’s Standard for HVAC/R & Mechanical Clamp Systems
Texas Reps and ZSi Foster from Ideal Tridon Group: The Solution For Diverse HVAC/R & Mechanical Needs! Catering To Distributors, HVAC/R Contractors, Construction Firms, And Wholesalers, Their Comprehensive Range Features Advanced Clamps, Quick Disconnects, Steel Struts, Roof Top Blocks, Beam Clamps, and More. Explore ZSi Foster’s Industry-leading Offerings, Encompassing Pipe, Conduit, Electrical Clamps, Metal Framing Struts, and Spring Steel Products – The Ultimate Solution for End-Users Demanding the Best Clamp and Support Systems.

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ZSi Foster by Ideal Tridion: Mastering Structural Connections with Premium Clamps, Struts, and Rooftop Solutions

ZSi Foster’s Structural Connection Solutions exemplify their commitment to engineering excellence, designed to meet the specific requirements of various industries with a comprehensive range of Clamps, Saddles, Strut Supports, and Rooftop Blocks. Explore ZSi Foster’s Advanced Cushioned Clamps, pioneering in securing Pipes, Tubes, Wires, and Cables, and featuring unmatched vibration dampening, resistance to galvanic corrosion, and shock absorption. The signature Cush-A-Therm™ Clamp sets new industry standards with a crush-resistant airtight seal, perfectly suited for the demanding environments of Refrigeration and Mechanical Pipelines.

Further expanding their versatile offerings, ZSi Foster’s Loop Hose Clamps are available in Stainless, Galvanized, and Vinyl-dipped finishes, ensuring adaptability across a myriad of applications. Additionally, ZSi Foster introduces the Saddle-Up Pipe Insulation, ingeniously designed to protect insulated refrigeration pipes and maintain unbroken vapor barriers. The Snap-A-Saddle series, famous for its one-step, tool-free installation, enhances the stability of insulated pipes in plumbing, mechanical, refrigeration, and AC systems.

The precision-engineered Wensanco® Strut Channels, crafted through a detailed cold rolling forming process, ensure dimension uniformity compliant with MFMA-1 standards, making them a top choice for the construction, electrical, and HVAC industries. ZSi Foster’s Cush-A-Block® Rooftop Supports, available in various finishes, offer durability and versatility. Made from 100% recycled materials and eligible for LEED credits, these supports feature freeze-thaw resistance and vibration dampening, making them ideal for diverse applications including solar racking, HVAC systems, and rooftop walkways.


Skillfully Engineered for Pipes, Tubes, Wires, and Cables, Delivering Exceptional Vibration Dampening, Galvanic Corrosion Prevention, and Shock Absorption.

These clamps feature the signature Cush-A-Therm™ clamp, which provides a crush-resistant airtight seal, making it perfect for refrigeration and mechanical pipelines. Additionally, their Loop Hose Clamps are available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, galvanized steel, and vinyl-dipped options, catering to diverse application needs. Ideal Tridon ZSi Foster’s cushioned clamps are designed to ensure maximum protection and efficiency in securing and insulating your critical connections.


A Sturdy Metal Shield Designed to Safeguard Insulated Refrigeration Pipes at Hanger and Support Points Without Compromising the Vapor Barrier.

The Snap-A-Saddle range provides seamless one-step, tool-free installation for insulated pipes used in plumbing, mechanical, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems. These products are engineered for both durability and flexibility, ensuring they meet the diverse requirements of various applications while protecting critical infrastructure. ZSi Foster’s Saddle-Up Pipe Insulation and Snap-A-Saddle products are ideal solutions for maintaining system integrity and efficiency.


Precision-Engineered Through a Cold Rolling Forming Process, These Channels Maintain Uniform Dimensions that Meet MFMA-1 Tolerances.

Available in a variety of forms including pierced, custom, and pre-cut channels across multiple gauges, ZSi Foster offers a comprehensive range of strut solutions. Complete with compatible fittings, braces, and hardware, these products seamlessly serve the construction, electrical, and HVAC industries. Whether for framing, mounting, or support, Wensanco® Strut Channels provide reliable, versatile solutions tailored to professional needs.


Expertly Engineered with Customizable Struts Available in a Variety of Finishes Including Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Hot Dipped Galvanized, These Supports Combine Durability with Versatility.

Crafted from 100% recycled materials and eligible for LEED credits, Cush-A-Block® supports offer not only environmental benefits but also functional superiority. They feature resistance to freeze and thaw cycles, effective vibration dampening, and an Eco-Green safety strip for enhanced visibility and safety. Ideal for a range of applications, from solar racking systems to HVAC installations and rooftop walkways, these rooftop supports provide a reliable and sustainable solution for any project requiring elevated support structures.



Premium Clamp Support Solutions for HVAC/R, Construction, and Mechanical Industries

Ideal Tridon offers a superior range of clamp support solutions designed specifically for distributors, HVAC/R contractors, and construction professionals. Known for their robustness and precision, Ideal Tridon Clamps are celebrated for “robust hose clamping,” “precision installation clamps,” and “advanced sealing technology,” meeting the varied needs of these demanding sectors. The clamps are engineered for ease of installation and enhanced hose protection, making them a staple in diverse industrial applications.

The SmartSeal® and WaveSeal360® Hybrid Clamps lead the market with their exceptional temperature and pressure responsiveness, setting new industry standards. For automotive, marine, and detailed industrial uses, the Micro-Gear® Clamps are highly favored due to their ability to fit perfectly in compact spaces, ideal for emission control and fuel line systems.

In response to increasing demand for durable stainless-steel clamps, Ideal Tridon’s Hy-Gear Clamps, crafted from high-quality 201, 301, and 304 Stainless Steel, offer unparalleled reliability and strength. Additionally, the Non-Perforated Clamps, made from robust 304, 316, and 404 Stainless Steel, are specifically designed to ensure hose safety during installation, which prolongs service life and minimizes maintenance needs.



Delivering Unmatched Hose Connection Security with a 360-Degree Sealing Pattern that Adapts to Pressure and Temperature Variations.

These clamps feature a patented design that significantly enhances leak resistance, optimally engaging the hose wall for a secure fit. The integration of O-ring effects and advanced recessed liner technology boosts the clamp’s efficiency while providing superior hose protection. Choose Smartseal® and Waveseal360® for revolutionary performance and reliability in hose connections.


Expertly Crafted for Optimal Performance in Small Hose Applications, Including Emission Control, Fuel Lines, and Vacuum Hoses.

Featuring compact 5/16″ bands, these clamps provide a secure fit, while their low-profile housing is specially designed for installations in tight spaces. This blend of strength and compact size makes Micro-gear® Clamps the ideal choice for detailed applications where precision is essential. Choose Micro-gear® for reliable, snug hose connections in even the most confined areas.


Engineered from Premium 201, 301, and 304 Stainless Steel for Maximum Durability and Resilience.

The 1/2″ variant is expertly designed for a wide range of applications, from household to industrial and automotive needs, featuring distinctive rectangular perforations that ensure a secure grip. The 9/16″ clamps excel in adaptability, suitable for everything from straightforward home repairs to demanding industrial tasks, consistently providing a robust and reliable connection. Choose Ideal Tridon’s Hy-gear Clamps for strength and versatility across all your clamping needs.


Crafted from Premium-Grade 304, 316, and 404 Stainless Steel, Designed to Protect Hoses During Installation.

These clamps feature non-perforated bands that preserve the integrity of soft silicone hoses, ensuring a secure connection without damage. Equipped with a wide cross saddle for even support, stamped material specifications for quick identification, and a smooth inside band to prolong hose service life, these clamps are the premier choice for automotive, marine, and industrial applications. Ideal Tridon’s non-perforated clamps combine durability and precision for high-quality, reliable hose protection.


Precision-Grip & Advanced Vibration Control: Premier Pipe Clamping Solutions for HVAC/R & Construction Contractors

Explore the innovative world of ZSi Foster’s advanced pipe clamping solutions, favored by distributors and HVAC/R contractors for their precision and efficiency. Tailored to meet the specific demands of construction contractors, ZSi has optimized the installation process with user-friendly designs that enhance ease of use. Manufactured in the USA, the Cush-A-Nator® is renowned for its exceptional heat resistance and durability, ideally paired with the Cush-A-Therm® Clamp, celebrated for its unparalleled sealing capabilities in chilled environments.

For projects requiring reduced operational noise, the channel-mounted Cush-A-Clamp® effectively diminishes vibrations. Additionally, the Cush-A-Click® maintains a secure vapor barrier seal, boosting efficiency in refrigeration systems. The robust Alpha Series™ U-Bolt Assembly provides balanced load distribution, while the quick-install Cush-A-Glide® excels in applications involving copper tubes. The space-saving Omega Series™ clamps further underscore ZSi Foster’s commitment to providing comprehensive, high-quality pipe clamping support solutions. Choose ZSi Foster for industry-leading reliability and performance in HVAC/R and construction applications.


A Groundbreaking Insulated Pipe Saddle Specially Engineered for Strut Mounting, Skillfully Designed to Allow Pipe Movement Within the Support While Preventing Common Issues Like Rotation, Displacement, and Insulation Damage.

Its cutting-edge design sets it apart from traditional pipe saddles, providing a definitive solution to their typical challenges. The Snap-A-Saddle Pro™ guarantees stability and safeguards for insulated pipes, redefining industry standards. Opt for this pioneering saddle for unparalleled performance and dependability.


The Optimal Solution for Chilled Refrigeration and Mechanical Pipelines, Featuring a Crush-Resistant Airtight Seal Due to Its Durable Foam Construction.

This clamp not only absorbs vibrations and supports tubes effectively but also includes a unique rubber coating that prevents condensation, enhancing its energy efficiency. By maintaining an essential vapor barrier, the Cush-A-Therm® Clamp offers an innovative and effective solution for securing and insulating pipelines, ensuring operational efficiency and reliability. Choose this clamp for superior performance in demanding environments.


Exclusively Manufactured in the US from a Proprietary Blend of High-Performance Rubber and Thermoplastics, Setting Industry Standards with the Highest Operating Temperature Range.

This cushion stands out not only for its exceptional thermal resilience but also for its innovative features, including the “Thumb Drive” for effortless installation, self-alignment on channels, and precise pressure control around pipes. The revolutionary design ensures the cushion is mechanically connected to the steel clamp, effectively minimizing vibration and enhancing stability. Opt for the Cush-A-Nator® for unmatched durability and performance in demanding environments.



A Comprehensive Solution for Securing Tubes, Pipes, or Hoses, Featuring Effortless Snap-In Installation and a Rust-Resistant Design Ideal for Both Indoor and Outdoor Applications.

Equipped with a Sure Grip Strut Base, this clamp integrates smoothly with strut systems and supports a wide temperature range from -50°F to +275°F. The Cush-A-Claw® offers both durability and cost-effectiveness, making it an excellent choice for diverse installation needs. Opt for this versatile clamp for reliable, long-lasting performance across various environments.



Top-Tier Pipe Support Solutions: Innovative Saddle Series for HVAC/R & Construction Contractors

ZSi Foster’s Saddle Series represents the apex of precision engineering, embodying a steadfast commitment to quality, perfectly tailored to meet the exacting requirements of distributors, HVAC/R contractors, and construction professionals. Highly regarded in the industry for its robust pipe support solutions, the Saddle-Up Insulation Saddle, crafted from 20-gauge electro-galvanized steel, provides unmatched protection for insulated refrigeration pipes, ensuring seamless, damage-free support transitions.

The Snap-A-Saddle® revolutionizes pipe mounting with its innovative, tool-less installation process, made from high-quality UL94-HB1 rated TPV material, available in both sleek black and pristine white. This series is further enhanced by the Snap-A-Saddle Pro™, which effectively counters common issues like unintended rotation and insulation degradation.

The versatile Snap-A-Saddle Pro Multi™ stands out as a flexible powerhouse, adept at accommodating a variety of mounting demands. Additionally, ZSi Foster’s AIRSTRIP® technology, meticulously developed in the USA, excels in reducing noise and vibration in piping or ductwork installations, significantly boosting system longevity and performance.

Chosen by industry experts who prioritize efficient installation and superior pipe support, ZSi Foster continues to lead as an innovator and trusted authority in the field, delivering unparalleled pipe support solutions tailored for the most demanding environments.


Expertly Engineered in the USA to Effectively Reduce Noise and Vibration in Piping or Ductwork Installations. Made from Lightweight Yet Durable 64 Durometer Santoprene, This Product Offers a Dependable and Long-Lasting Solution, Capable of Withstanding Temperatures Ranging from -40°F to 250°F.

Its thoughtfully designed structure not only prevents galvanic corrosion but also perfectly enhances duct supports, making it an essential component for maintaining system integrity and efficiency. Choose AIRSTRIP® for superior performance in demanding environments.


Transforms Insulated Pipe Mounting with Its Innovative One-Step, Tool-Free Installation onto Support Channels, Streamlining the Attachment Process. Manufactured in the USA from UL94-HB1 Rated TPV Material, This Robust Saddle Endures Temperatures from -50°F to 275°F.

Available in both black and white, Snap-A-Saddle® meets diverse project requirements with ease. Its durability and ease of installation make it an indispensable solution for efficient and reliable pipe mounting. Choose Snap-A-Saddle® for a seamless and effective mounting experience.


A Revolutionary Insulated Pipe Saddle Engineered for Strut Mounting, Designed to Accommodate Pipe Movement Within the Support, Effectively Preventing Common Problems Such as Rotation, Displacement, and Insulation Damage.

Its state-of-the-art design distinguishes it from conventional pipe saddles, offering a superior solution to the challenges they pose. The Snap-A-Saddle Pro™ ensures stability and protection for insulated pipes, setting a new standard in the industry. Choose this innovative saddle for unmatched performance and reliability.


A Versatile Insulated Pipe Saddle That Revolutionizes Mounting Flexibility Across Various Systems, from Strut and H-beam to Floor-Mount and Clevis Hangers. Its Innovative Design Features Interchangeable Bottom Adapters, Ensuring Broad Compatibility and Streamlining the Installation Process.

This game-changing saddle not only fits seamlessly into diverse suspension systems but also standardizes and improves the visual coherence of piping installations. It simplifies the installer’s task, making it efficient and hassle-free. Opt for the Snap-A-Saddle Pro Multi™ for a universal solution that enhances both function and form



ZSi Foster Wesanco Channel Framing: Premier Strut Solutions for HVAC/R & Construction Contractors

Explore ZSi Foster’s Wesanco Channel Framing, the ultimate strut solution for HVAC/R and construction contractors. This range of precision-engineered strut channel framings is designed to integrate seamlessly into robust installation practices. Renowned for their steadfast durability and compliance with MFMA standards, Wesanco Strut Channels are a top choice among distributors, HVAC/R contractors, and construction professionals.

Their pre-cut channels, crafted from premium cold roll-formed steel, offer exceptional customization options, accommodating diverse applications from the versatile W100 to W900 Series. For those seeking smooth installations and broad application versatility, Wesanco Strut Fittings made from high-quality hot-rolled pickled and oiled steel, offer adaptability in everything from standard angles to complex configurations.

Completing the suite, their Strut Channel Nuts and Hardware set the standard for finish quality, ranging from Electro-galvanized to Hot Dip Galvanized, underscoring ZSi Foster’s commitment to excellence. Trust ZSi Foster for innovative strut channel solutions combined with industry-leading installation expertise, ensuring reliable and effective framing every time.


Expertly Crafted Cold Roll Formed Steel Channels Compliant with Metal Framing Manufacturer’s Association Standards. These Channels Are Constructed According to AISI Specifications and Feature Welds That Surpass the Rigorous Requirements of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Design, Offering Unrivaled Stability and Durability.

Designed for robust performance, Wesanco Strut Channels provide a dependable solution for a variety of structural needs, ensuring both strength and longevity in demanding environments. Trust ZSi Foster for precision-engineered strut channels that meet and exceed industry standards.


Custom-Tailored Precision in Various Sizes for Diverse Applications. These Channels Are Produced Through the Cold Roll Forming Process, Ensuring Uniform Dimensions That Comply with MFMA Standards.

From W100 to W900, each size is crafted to deliver consistent, high-quality performance, meeting specific needs across a range of applications. Choose ZSi Foster’s pre-cut channels for reliable and precise solutions in your projects.


Precision-Crafted for Optimal Performance Across Diverse Applications. Constructed from Hot-Rolled, Pickled, and Oiled Steel, These Fittings Range from 90-Degree Configurations to Z-Shaped Designs, All Adhering to MFMA Standards.

These fittings are engineered to ensure robust quality and versatile utility, satisfying every structural requirement with durability and reliability. Ideal for a variety of settings, ZSi Foster’s Wesanco Strut Fittings are the definitive choice for top-tier structural solutions.


Distinguished by Their Compliance with Strict Finish Specifications, Ensuring Durability and High-Level Performance. These Components Are Available in Finishes from Electro-Galvanized According to ASTM B 633 to Hot Dip Galvanized Post-Fabrication.

Each piece is meticulously designed to meet the rigorous needs of industrial applications. With precision and careful attention to detail, ZSi Foster’s hardware delivers reliability and strength for any structural challenge.



ZSi Foster Spring Steel Fasteners Solutions — Essential for HVAC/R & Construction Professionals

ZSi Foster’s Spring Steel Fasteners are the go-to choice for HVAC/R and construction professionals requiring dependable and efficient fastening solutions. These fasteners are crafted to exceed industry standards in durability and aesthetic appeal while streamlining the installation process.

Featuring the innovative three-step Silva-Guard finish, ZSi Foster’s Acoustic and Ceiling Spring Steel Fasteners offer unmatched corrosion resistance, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. Each product, from the EBH Electrical Box Hanger to the TBC TM CCP T-bar Clip, is designed for superior performance and visual impact.

For conduit and cable support, the Spring Steel Fasteners showcase cutting-edge innovation and robustness. The BCC H Beam Clamp and Multi-function Clip, among others, are treated with the Silva-Guard finish to ensure exceptional corrosion resistance and functionality.

In structural applications, ZSi Foster’s fasteners, such as the Angle Bracket with Rod Hanger and the Flange Hanger, blend precision engineering with strong design, providing both aesthetic refinement and unparalleled functionality. For stud wall applications, their products stand out with superior strength and a corrosion-resistant coating that ensures long-lasting performance.


ZSi Foster’s Acoustic and Ceiling Spring Steel Fasteners Redefine Excellence in Construction Fasteners, Featuring the Advanced Three-Step Silva-Guard Finish for Supreme Corrosion Resistance.

These fasteners are designed to excel in both indoor and outdoor settings, including aesthetically demanding environments like open ceilings. From the self-healing base coat to the robust protective top layer, each component, including the EBH Electrical Box Hanger and the TBC TM CCP T-bar Clip, is meticulously crafted. This attention to detail guarantees not only optimal performance but also an appearance that enhances any project. Choose ZSi Foster’s fasteners for a durable and visually appealing solution to your construction needs.


ZSi Foster’s Conduit and Cable Support Spring Steel Fasteners Exemplify Cutting-Edge Innovation and Durability. Featuring the Advanced Silva-Guard Finish, These Fasteners Deliver Exceptional Corrosion Resistance, Ensuring Sustained Performance in Both Indoor and Outdoor Settings.

Each component, from the BCC H Beam Clamp to the Multi-function Clip, is crafted to embody excellence, merging aesthetic appeal with unmatched functionality. Ideal for high-visibility areas and versatile applications, ZSi Foster’s fasteners provide reliable, visually appealing solutions that meet the rigorous demands of modern infrastructure projects. Choose ZSi Foster for top-tier quality and performance in conduit and cable support.


ZSi Foster’s Structural Application Spring Steel Fasteners Represent the Apex of Precision Engineering and Robust Design. Enhanced with the Unrivaled Silva-Guard Finish, These Fasteners Provide Exceptional Corrosion Resistance, Guaranteeing Longevity in Even the Most Challenging Environments.

Each product, from the Angle Bracket with Rod Hanger to the Flange Hanger Designs, is crafted to ensure both aesthetic elegance and superior functionality. These attributes make ZSi Foster’s fasteners ideally suited for structural applications in highly visible and demanding settings. Opt for ZSi Foster for enduring strength and refined appearance in your structural projects.


ZSi Foster’s Stud Wall Application Spring Steel Fasteners Set New Standards in Strength and Resilience. Featuring the Unmatched Silva-Guard Finish, These Fasteners Boast a Superior Corrosion-Resistant Coating, Ensuring Durability and Pristine Appearance.

Each fastener, from the Electrical Box Bracket for Wood or Metal Studs to the Metal Stud Clip with Conduit Clip, is engineered for peak performance. Their reliability and efficiency make them indispensable for both new construction and retrofitting projects. Trust ZSi Foster’s fasteners for uncompromising quality in stud wall applications.


ZSi Foster: Leading the Industry in Sustainable Rooftop Support & Anti-Vibration Solutions for HVAC/R and Construction Contractors

ZSi Foster’s comprehensive rooftop support solutions are the premier choice for distributors, HVAC/R contractors, and construction professionals seeking reliable and sustainable innovations. Renowned for their performance and eco-friendly design, ZSi Foster’s Cush-A-Block® “Biggie” and Mini Rooftop Supports offer impressive load capacities of 7,500 lbs. and 400 lbs., respectively. Crafted from recycled rubber, these supports uphold sustainability without sacrificing durability.

The innovative design of these supports includes a 75% faster strut install and change-out, along with an embedded nut that is leak and rust-resistant, making them the optimal choice for efficiency and longevity. Additionally, the GAMMA Anti-Vibration Pads, featuring pioneering E.V.A technology, outperform competitors by delivering vibration dampening up to eight times more effectively, setting new industry standards.

For HVAC systems, piping infrastructure, or applications requiring minimal vibrations in challenging terrains, ZSi Foster stands out as the preferred choice. Their rooftop support solutions ensure unmatched performance, sustainability, and reliability, meeting the high demands of today’s industry leaders.



ZSi Foster’s Cush-A-Block® “Biggie” Rooftop Supports Exceed Industry Expectations, Combining an Exceptional Load Capacity of 7,500 lbs. (33.36 Kn) with a Commitment to Environmental Sustainability Through the Use of 100% Recycled Rubber.

These robust supports, customizable in various finishes and materials, not only deliver outstanding performance but also prioritize eco-friendly practices. Each unit includes an Eco-Green Reflective Safety Strip, enhancing visibility and safety to meet contemporary infrastructural demands. Choose ZSi Foster’s “Biggie” for a perfect blend of strength, sustainability, and safety.


ZSi Foster’s Cush-A-Block® Rooftop Supports Set New Standards in Efficiency and Durability, Featuring a Revolutionary 75% Faster Strut Install and Change-Out. These Supports Integrate Advanced Design Features Like an Embedded Nut to Prevent Leaks and Rust, Ensuring Long-Lasting Reliability.

Constructed from 100% Recycled Rubber, these supports adhere to rigorous sustainability guidelines, qualifying for LEED credits. They are compatible with a wide range of rooftop materials and include an Eco-Green Reflective Safety Strip to enhance visibility and safety. Opt for ZSi Foster’s innovative supports for superior performance and environmental responsibility.


ZSi Foster’s Cush-A-Block® Mini Rooftop Supports Stand as the Premier Choice for Precision-Designed Support Solutions, Offered in Varieties Like Electro-Galv. (EG), Pre-Galv. (PG), and Hot Dip Galv. (HG). Boasting a Uniform Load Capacity of 400 lbs (1.78 Kn), They Are Perfectly Suited for a Range of Installations, Including PEX, CPVC, or PVC Pipe Support. These Compact Yet Durable Supports Deliver Dependable Stability Across Various Applications.

Crafted for both versatility and strength, Cush-A-Block® Mini Supports ensure optimal performance in any setting, providing a solid foundation for your installation needs. Opt for ZSi Foster’s reliable and robust supports for superior service and longevity.


ZSi Foster’s Revolutionary E.V.A. (Extreme Vibration Attenuation) Pads, the Newest Benchmark in Vibration Dampening Technology, Excel in the Most Rigorous Conditions. These Pads Demonstrate Performance Three Times Superior to Traditional Cork and Rubber, and Eight Times More Effective Than Competitors’ “Waffle” Pads.

Crafted from a Specially Developed Composite Foam Core, E.V.A. Pads Offer Enhanced Structural Integrity, Far Surpassing Cork’s Ability to Withstand Vibration. Resistant to Oil and Chemical Erosion That Typically Wears Down Cork, E.V.A. Proves More Effective at Dampening Vibrations Than Solid Rubber. Designed to Manage Pressures Up to 50 Psi (3.4 Bar), E.V.A. Pads Offer a Premium Mix of Durability and High-Performance Vibration Control. Choose E.V.A. for the Ultimate in Advanced Vibration Dampening.


Ideal Tridon & ZSi Foster: Pioneering Engineering & Clamp Solutions | World-Leaders in Stainless Steel Clamps and Support Systems.

Texas Reps, the Authorized Manufacturing Representative for Ideal Tridon, is instrumental in solidifying the brand’s prominence in the Southern region. Our partnership emphasizes our shared commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and innovative solutions to our customers. By leveraging Ideal Tridon’s extensive capabilities, Texas Reps ensures that clients in the Southern Region have direct access to groundbreaking products and expert insights, elevating the overall customer experience.

Ideal Tridon is a beacon of global excellence, renowned as an industry-defining leader in engineering solutions. This titan has built its reputation over decades as a preeminent designer and manufacturer of stainless steel and specialty clamps, as well as a pioneering force in fastening and sealing applications across diverse markets. Their innovative products, such as the groundbreaking SmartSeal® and WaveSeal360® Hybrid Clamps, consistently set industry standards, offering unmatched quality and performance. With solutions like the Micro-Gear® Clamps, designed to fit seamlessly into tight spaces such as emission control and fuel line systems, Ideal Tridon demonstrates a commitment to solving complex challenges with precision-engineered solutions.

Within the Ideal Tridon umbrella, ZSi Foster shines as sterling brands, that exemplifying excellence in clamp, coupling, and support systems. ZSi Foster has introduced a series of cutting-edge products tailored for a myriad of applications, demonstrating the brand’s innovative spirit and dedication to quality. Their Advanced Cushioned Clamps stand out for their vibration dampening and shock absorption capabilities, setting a new standard in securing pipes, tubes, wires, and cables. The Cush-A-Therm™ Clamp, uniquely crafted for challenging refrigeration and mechanical pipeline environments, highlights the brand’s versatility and innovation. Additionally, ZSi Foster’s Structural Connection Solutions, including the revolutionary Saddle Series and Wesanco Channel Framing, cater seamlessly to HVAC/R contractors, construction contractors, and distributors.

Under the aegis of Ideal Tridon, ZSi Foster continues to flourish and redefine industry standards, providing top-tier solutions that meet the rigorous demands of modern engineering and construction projects.