Advanced Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Technology for Air Purification

Experience Superior Air Purification with Plasma Air’s Advanced Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Technology, Catering to Both Commercial and Residential Spaces for Safe and Continuous Indoor Air Purification. Explore Our Range of PlasmaPURE Products Designed for Residential and Light Commercial Applications, Offering Effective Neutralization of Pathogens, Pollutants, and Odors, Creating a Fresh and Healthy Atmosphere that Enhances the Air Quality in Your Living and Working Spaces.

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Innovative Bipolar Ionization Technology
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Safe & Continuous Air Purification for Residential & Light Commercial Spaces – Discover Innovative HVAC Solutions

The PlasmaPURE 600 Series is rapidly gaining traction, particularly among industry-leading distributors, construction and engineering firms. Revolutionizing the landscape of indoor air purification, it employs a patented brush-style bipolar ionization technology, meticulously designed to neutralize harmful pollutants and odors. Its unmatched versatility allows it to be the go-to choice for diverse setups – whether it’s air handling units, furnaces, or ductless split systems. Its multiple voltage options and the elimination of external power dependencies make it a game-changer. Backed by a UL2998 validation, the PlasmaPURE 600 stands as a testament to eco-friendly air purification, efficiently handling up to 6 tons (2,400 CFM) without producing ozone emissions. As the PlasmaPURE AutoClean 1500 enters the arena, facility managers and building professionals can rejoice. This groundbreaking, maintenance-free needlepoint ionizer, besides neutralizing indoor pollutants, offers unparalleled flexibility. Its design is compatible with an array of residential air systems, from the conventional air conditioners to the more modern VRF systems, functioning smoothly within a 12-24V AC/DC range. With its UL 2998 validation, users can be assured of pure, ozone-free air. Lastly, for those in charge of larger establishments, the Plasma Pure 7000 Series emerges as the ultimate solution. These commercial-grade needlepoint air ion generators, tailor-made for extensive applications like AHUs, furnaces, and expansive duct systems, cater to diverse environments – be it gyms, offices, schools, or senior living establishments. With its ability to adapt based on airflow and the level of indoor air pollution, and its zero ozone emissions backed by a UL2998 validation, it’s no wonder that it’s the first choice for those who prioritize health and well-being.



PlasmaPURE 600 Series: revolutionizing indoor air purification using patented brush-style bipolar ionization technology, tailored to neutralize harmful pollutants and odors. Suited for diverse setups, it seamlessly integrates into air handling units, furnaces, or ductless split systems, offering flexibility with multiple voltage options and zero reliance on external power supplies. With a UL2998 validation, the PlasmaPURE 600 ensures a cleaner breathing space with zero ozone emissions, handling up to 6 tons (2,400 CFM) of air purification capacity


Introducing the PlasmaPURE AutoClean 1500: a pioneering, maintenance-free needlepoint ionizer that actively neutralizes indoor pollutants and odors. Designed for versatility, this compact device integrates effortlessly with residential air systems, from air conditioners to VRF setups, and operates smoothly within a 12-24V AC/DC range. Prioritizing health and the environment, the AutoClean 1500 proudly boasts a UL 2998 validation, ensuring clean air without any ozone emissions.


Introducing the Plasma Pure 7000 Series: commercial-grade needlepoint air ion generators expertly crafted for large-scale applications like AHUs, furnaces, and duct systems. Specifically engineered to cater to a range of environments from gyms and offices to schools and senior living, its adaptable design adjusts based on airflow and indoor air pollution levels. With UL2998 validation, enjoy superior air purification with absolute confidence, thanks to its zero ozone emissions.


Safe and Continuous Air Purification for Commercial HVAC Systems, Inactivating Viruses, Neutralizing Odors, and Boosting Energy Savings.

Modern commercial spaces prioritize air quality, and the right tools can make all the difference. Distributors, contractors, and leading construction and engineering firms continually seek the finest air purification systems. PlasmaPure’s Needlepoint bi-polar ionization technology offers unparalleled air purification, tailored especially for commercial environments. The Plasma Air AutoClean 1560 stands out with its innovative self-cleaning feature and versatile integration across diverse air handling systems. From RTUs to VRFs, it ensures purified air without manual intervention. UL 2998 validation further guarantees ozone-free operation. The PlasmaPURE 600 and 660 Series, leaders in advanced purification, employ needlepoint brush type ionizers, balancing positive and negative ions for optimal air quality. Suitable for settings like gyms and offices, the 660 also connects easily to Building Automation Systems. Both series are UL2998 validated for ozone-free emissions. The PlasmaPURE 7000 Series, crafted for extensive commercial applications, integrates with AHUs and furnaces, adapting to specific air flow needs. Finally, the PlasmaPURE Plasma BAR Series, ideal for expansive spaces, offers seamless installation in AHUs and RTUs, ensuring a safer environment with its UL2998 validation.



Experience the future of air purification with the Plasma Air AutoClean 1560: an advanced needlepoint ionizer that not only neutralizes harmful pollutants but also self-cleans, rendering manual maintenance obsolete. Versatility at its best, this unit seamlessly integrates with a myriad of air handling systems, from RTUs to VRFs. Upholding stringent environmental standards, the AutoClean 1560 comes UL 2998 validated, ensuring complete air purification without generating ozone.

600/660 SERIES

PlasmaPURE 600 and 660 Series: leaders in advanced air purification. Both utilize cutting-edge needlepoint brush type ionizers that produce balanced positive and negative ions to neutralize pollutants and odors, making them perfect for commercial settings from gyms to office buildings. While the 600 series stands out for its remarkable adaptability across various air handling systems, the 660 series takes it a notch higher with dry contacts, seamlessly linking ionizer functionality to a Building Automation System – all while being UL2998 validated for zero ozone emissions.


Elevate commercial air quality with the PlasmaPURE 7000 Series. Specifically designed for commercial applications, these needlepoint air ion generators seamlessly integrate with air handling units (AHU), furnaces, and duct systems, offering scalable solutions based on airflow and pollution levels. Prioritizing safety, they’re UL2998 validated, ensuring zero ozone emissions.


Experience unparalleled air purification with the PlasmaPURE Plasma BAR Series. Tailored for commercial spaces, this remote-mounted needlepoint ion generator seamlessly integrates into air handling units (AHU) and rooftop units (RTU), available in various lengths from 18 to 96 inches. Prioritizing safety and efficiency, it neutralizes harmful micro-organisms and pollutants, is effortless to install, and proudly holds the UL2998 validation for zero ozone emissions.


Beyond the Operating Room: WellAir’s Elite Portable Air Solutions for Commercial Air Purification

Discover WellAir’s Portable Air Solutions, offering air disinfection that goes beyond the operating room, providing best-in-class solutions to support medical-grade air quality in various indoor environments. The Protect 200 and Protect 900 feature filterless air disinfection, combining one or two-speed fans with WellAir’s patented NanoStrike™ technology for easy-to-use, portable, and quiet devices, ensuring the safest and most cost-effective continuous airborne pathogen protection in small-to-medium-sized spaces. For medium to large rooms and indoor spaces, the Defend 400 and Defend 1050 utilize air disinfection with pre, HEPA, and carbon filters, incorporating WellAir’s NanoStrike™ technology and a triple-stage Camfil® filter system to provide a powerful solution for air disinfection and particle removal. Elevate the air quality in your commercial spaces with WellAir’s commercial grade portable air purification systems and HVAC air purifiers, ensuring a healthy and clean indoor environment for businesses and occupants alike.



Introducing the WellAir PROTECT 900: medical-grade air disinfection tailored for indoor environments. Harnessing the power of patented NanoStrike™ technology, this device proactively neutralizes aerosolized viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and pollen, ensuring a safer breathing zone for small-to-medium-sized spaces. Designed for versatility, the quiet, dual-speed portable unit can be wallmounted or paired with specially crafted stands, making it an ideal choice for healthcare facilities, schools, gyms, restaurants, and more.


The PROTECT 200 offers top-tier medical-grade air disinfection for any indoor setting. Utilizing WellAir’s cutting-edge NanoStrike™ technology, it efficiently neutralizes aerosolized viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and pollen, ensuring a pure breathing environment. Ideal for reception areas, individual offices, restrooms, and small conference rooms, this portable and silent device is a game-changer for maintaining clean and safe shared spaces.


The Defend 400 offers unparalleled air purification for medium to large indoor spaces. Harnessing WellAir’s patented NanoStrike™ technology and complemented by a triple-stage Camfil® filter system, it not only disinfects the air but also filters out harmful particles, VOCs, and odors. Cleared by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device, this portable system is perfect for healthcare facilities, dental offices, gyms, hotels, and other commercial settings, ensuring continuous 24/7 airborne infection control.


The Defend 1050 is the pinnacle of air purification for large indoor environments. Leveraging the power of WellAir’s patented NanoStrike™ technology and a superior triple-stage Camfil® filter system, it delivers unrivaled air disinfection and particle elimination. FDA-cleared as a Class II Medical Device, the Defend 1050 is the trusted choice for healthcare establishments, hotels, schools, and various commercial spaces, guaranteeing round-the-clock airborne infection control.


Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization vs NanoStrike™ Technology, How it Works.

Plasma Air technology mimics the natural process of sunlight in the atmosphere by generating positive and negative oxygen ions. These ions, with an unstable charge, actively interact with pollutants in the air, such as particulate matter, bacteria, viruses, odorous gases, and VOCs, seeking to balance their charge by exchanging electrons. As a result, the pollutants are effectively neutralized, providing cleaner and healthier indoor air.

Airborne particles are effectively charged by the ions, causing them to cluster together and get trapped in filters, leading to improved air purification and cleaner indoor environments.

Bacteria and viruses form bonds with oxygen ions, resulting in their inactivation and rendering them harmless, leading to cleaner and safer air quality.

When exposed to oxygen ions, numerous odorous gases and aerosols undergo oxidation and become neutralized, contributing to fresher and cleaner air quality.

Oxygen ions instigate a reaction with VOCs, effectively breaking down their molecular structure and neutralizing them, resulting in improved indoor air quality.

NanoStrike™ takes NPBI a step further with the use of nanotechnology. The ions released during NPBI interact with a specially engineered catalyst made of nanoscale material. This catalyst amplifies the ionization effect, making it even more effective at neutralizing harmful microorganisms. As the ions and the nanocatalyst interact with airborne microorganisms, they disrupt the pathogens’ molecular structures. This inactivation process renders viruses, bacteria, and other harmful particles unable to replicate or cause infections. In addition to pathogen inactivation, NanoStrike™ also facilitates particle agglomeration. The ion clusters formed by the technology help combine smaller airborne particles into larger clusters, making them easier to capture and remove by ventilation or filtration systems.

NanoStrike™ is a powerful technology that targets pathogens by puncturing their cell walls, effectively neutralizing their harmful effects and providing efficient air disinfection.

NanoStrike™ technology works by destroying the DNA and protein within the cell wall of pathogens, ensuring their inactivation and contributing to effective air purification.

The cell undergoes bursting or lysis as a result of osmotic pressure when exposed to NanoStrike™ technology.

NanoStrike™ technology has been widely deployed in various indoor environments, including hospitals, healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, schools, and public spaces, to improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of airborne infections. It provides a continuous and proactive solution for air disinfection, helping to create safer and healthier indoor environments for occupants.


WellAir: Transforming Indoor Air Quality with Medical-Grade Solutions for Commercial and Residential HVAC.
WellAir Solutions, the company behind the Plasma Air brand, is a leading provider of medical-grade air disinfection products and solutions that tackle the challenge of unhealthy indoor air. With over a decade of expertise, WellAir offers the best air disinfection technology that extends beyond the operating room, supporting medical-grade air quality in various indoor environments. Their flagship products, the Protect 200 and Protect 900, utilize WellAir’s patented NanoStrike™ technology for filterless air disinfection, providing a safe and cost-effective continuous airborne pathogen protection in small-to-medium-sized spaces. For larger rooms and indoor areas, WellAir presents the Defend 400 and Defend 1050, combining NanoStrike™ technology with a triple-stage Camfil® filter system for powerful air disinfection and particle removal. WellAir offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including commercial-grade portable air purification systems and HVAC air purifiers, ensuring a healthy and clean indoor environment for businesses and occupants alike. With a strong presence in healthcare, commercial, education, hospitality, entertainment, and residential markets, WellAir’s expanding platform of medical-grade solutions includes FDA-cleared products that safeguard indoor environments in over 60 countries.

Experience the cutting-edge air disinfection technology from WellAir, driven by a team of dedicated scientists who revolutionized indoor air quality through NanoStrike™ technology, inactivating airborne microorganisms upon contact, providing the first line of defense against viruses and bacteria. With a mission to create cleaner and safer indoor environments, WellAir Solutions offers trusted and continuous air purification for both commercial and residential spaces, ensuring peace of mind and a worry-free atmosphere. Contractors, building and facility managers, as well as distributors, seeking the best HVAC solutions for air purification can rely on Texas Reps’ representation of the elite WellAir and Plasma Air products, delivering unmatched indoor air quality and ensuring the health and safety of occupants.