Trinity Warranty Solutions: Premier Extended HVAC/R Service Agreements from Texas Reps

Trinity Warranty Solutions Emerges as a Frontrunner in Extended Service Agreements, Amplifying the Longevity of Manufacturer Warranties and Safeguarding Diverse Equipment Brands from Unexpected Repair Costs. Serving Contractors, Distributors, and Manufacturers, Trinity Designs Customized Programs, Ensuring Flexibility in Coverage Terms and Reimbursement Options Tailored to Specific Business Objectives. For Homeowners and Property Managers, Trinity’s ESA Augments Property Value While Providing Consistent Repair Cost Assurances, Eliminating Unforeseen Expenses. With Texas Reps as Your Trusted Liaison, You Tap into the Apex of Trinity’s Unparalleled Offerings.

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Trinity Warranty: Premier Extended Service Agreements for HVAC/R – Elevate Your Equipment Lifespan & Efficiency

In today’s fast-paced HVAC/R industry, the necessity for dependable extended warranty and service agreements cannot be overlooked. For contractors, distributors, construction managers, and building and facility managers keen on ensuring their equipment’s longevity and optimal performance, Trinity Warranty presents its robust Distributor Program. This comprehensive Extended Service Agreement (ESA) is tailored to boost business profitability without any additional inventory costs. It not only offers PARTS and LABOR coverage for both residential and commercial equipment but also allows flexibility for up to 10 years post-installation. New equipment enjoys the privilege of being deemed new for up to 2 years (residential) and 1 year (commercial) post-installation, ensuring added peace of mind. Trinity’s commitment to seamless service is evident in its paperless ordering and claims submittal process, enabling operations on the move without cumbersome paperwork.

Trinity’s holistic approach encompasses every major brand and equipment type under ONE ESA program, offering unparalleled convenience for distributors. This emphasis on streamlined solutions provides a unique advantage, from covering a wide array of HVAC/R/P equipment like generators, compressors, refrigeration units, chillers, LED lighting, and more. Backed by a robust financial company, Trinity ensures unwavering support and stability to its clientele. This customer-centric mindset, combined with data-backed insights, such as the fact that 65% of consumers opt for extended warranties when proposed, showcases Trinity’s industry-leading position. With its capability to curate custom programs to cater to diverse equipment needs, Trinity Warranty stands as the beacon of reliability in the HVAC/R world.

Boost Your Business with Trinity’s Distributor Program: Tailored ESAs for Enhanced Customer Value & Sustained Profit Growth.


Comprehensive HVAC/R Extended Warranty Solutions: Boosting Contractor Success & Customer Trust with Trinity’s ESA Program

In the modern HVAC/R landscape, contractors seek dependable Extended Warranty and ESA offerings they can trust. Enter Trinity Warranty’s Contractor Program: a specialized service specifically designed to boost a contractor’s reputation, enhance word-of-mouth marketing, and amplify profitability. Trinity not only offers comprehensive coverage for both residential and commercial HVAC/R/Plumbing equipment but also ensures new installations remain protected for up to 10 years post-installation. Whether it’s a brand-new residential HVAC system or commercial equipment, Trinity ensures that all products, regardless of their brand, are eligible for coverage, with conditions applied for existing equipment.

Trinity’s ESA program stands out in the marketplace, supporting contractors in retaining customers for a decade. It guarantees service revenues throughout the policy period, enabling contractors to establish a steady income flow, even in fluctuating market conditions. Investing in Extended Service Agreements could prove more cost-effective than traditional advertising, offering a heightened return on investment. By embedding Trinity’s ESA into their offerings, contractors not only bolster their community reputation but also tap into the demonstrated potential where 65% of homeowners opt for an ESA when presented the opportunity. The intrinsic value of Trinity’s extended warranty, when juxtaposed with the installation costs of an HVAC system, showcases an unbeatable value proposition, reducing customer complaints and diminishing the likelihood of discounted out-of-warranty repairs.

Looking to provide your HVAC/R customers with top-tier extended warranties? Dive in now.


Trinity Warranty Solutions: Premium Extended Warranty Programs for HVAC/R Manufacturers & OEMs

The Premier HVAC/R Extended Warranty Solution for Manufacturers/OEMs. Embark on a journey with Trinity Warranty and discover their precision-tailored Manufacturer/OEM Program, ideal for HVAC/R frontrunners. Elevate your brand in today’s competitive arena with their industry-acclaimed Extended Service Agreements (ESAs). These agreements, explicitly crafted for your needs, amplify your product’s value, offering comprehensive parts and labor coverage for both residential and commercial installations. With coverage extending up to a decade post-installation, we ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction and confidence, all the while optimizing your return on investments.

Trinity Stands Out in the HVAC/R Landscape for OEMs with a legacy anchored in over 150 years of collective HVAC/R/P experience and over a million ESA policies under their belt, Trinity is the standard for manufacturers and OEMs across the board. Their nationwide licensing, coupled with the support of multiple “A” rated insurance carriers, underscores our commitment to unwavering quality and trustworthiness. Their multifaceted offerings, from proactive day 1 warranty administration to brand-enhancing Extended Service Agreements and adept solutions for channel conflicts, epitomize customization. Join forces with Trinity, and witness a tangible uptick in sales, all the while basking in the competitive edge our differentiated product solutions bestow, even amidst the toughest market scenarios.

Elevate Your HVAC/R Brand’s Edge Optimizing Product Protection and Profitability Without Added Financial Risks.


The Best HVAC/R Protection: Dive into Trinity Warranty’s Premium Equipment Owner Program

Secure Your HVAC/R Systems with Trinity Warranty’s Equipment Owner Program. For equipment owners seeking unmatched protection for their HVAC/R investments, Trinity Warranty introduces its specialized Equipment Owner Program. Recognizing the unpredictability of even the most reputable heating and cooling systems, their Extended Service Agreements (ESAs) are tailored to safeguard both your comfort systems and your financial peace of mind. A single unexpected repair can often surpass the cost of an ESA, but with their comprehensive coverage, you can shield against unforeseen repair costs, ensuring maximum savings. Offering coverage for an extensive range of brands and equipment types, from water heaters to air treatment systems, Trinity guarantees the best protection, backed the Elite Insurance Companies, ensuring no deductibles and complete parts and labor coverage even post manufacturer’s warranty expiration.

Trinity’s ESA is an Essential for Every Equipment Owner. In today’s dynamic HVAC/R market, equipment longevity and reliability are paramount. While manufacturers might provide warranties, often, labor costs aren’t covered, especially beyond the first year. This is where Trinity Warranty’s ESA emerges as a game-changer. Not only does it cater to parts and labor for durations ranging from 1 to 10 years, but the cost of their ESA typically undercuts potential repair costs. Investing in a Trinity ESA is akin to securing tomorrow’s repair costs at today’s prices, fortifying against inflation and rising service expenses. Beyond tangible savings, having an ESA boosts your property value, offering prospective buyers added assurance. With a track record of over a million policies sold, their commitment to your equipment’s optimal performance is unparalleled.

Futureproof Your Home Comfort: Secure and Efficient Equipment Owner Protection with Trinity Warranty Solutions.


Trinity Warranty: Comprehensive Facility Management & Extended Warranty Solutions for the Modern Facility Manager

For building and facility managers striving for excellence in facility management services, Trinity Warranty offers a holistic approach to safeguarding and optimizing your assets. As pioneers in the realm of facilities management and extended warranty solutions, Trinity extends a one-stop solution that integrates Facility Assessment, Risk Analysis, Mechanical Asset Management, Remote Monitoring, Preventative Maintenance, and 24/7 Service Dispatch. By streamlining your facility management operations under one umbrella, they provide a seamless experience, ensuring that whether you manage a single location or thousands across the US, you have a clear and detailed profile of your equipment’s age, condition, make, and model. Trinity’s cutting-edge remote facility monitoring tools empower managers with real-time data and custom notifications, enabling proactive interventions and minimizing downtime. Their partnerships with the Best HVAC and refrigeration system manufacturers guarantee competitive pricing, devoid of additional markups.

The diverse needs of industries ranging from healthcare and retail to student housing and restaurants demand specialized attention, and Trinity Warranty rises to the occasion. With a robust network of over 7,000 contractors, they have the scalability to cover your national footprint, irrespective of the industry vertical. Trinity’s Managed Cost Asset Management program offers a data-driven approach to assess failure risks and determine annual costs for service and maintenance. The objective? To assist facility managers in budgeting, vendor management, and capital expense planning. Trinity’s preventive maintenance service stands out in the industry, focusing on intricate details from filter changes to oiling, ensuring your systems operate at peak efficiency. Additionally, their round-the-clock service ensures that HVAC & Refrigeration failures, which aren’t confined to regular working hours, are addressed promptly, underscoring our commitment to the comfort and safety of your stakeholders.

Trinity Warranty: Facility Management Solutions Tailored for Today’s Facility Expert.


Comprehensive Extended Service Agreements for HVAC/R, Generators, Equipment, & More: Trinity Warranty Solutions

In today’s fast-paced and technologically-driven construction landscape, the need for dependable Extended Service Agreements (ESAs) has never been greater. Trinity Warranty understands the multifaceted demands of contractors, building and facility managers, and homeowners. We proudly present their ESA program, offering an unparalleled layer of protection for a myriad of equipment categories, from HVAC systems, generators, compressors to commercial chillers, LED lighting solutions, and even advanced solar-assisted HVAC setups. Trinity ESAs are meticulously designed to extend the manufacturer’s warranty, giving both residential and commercial stakeholders peace of mind for up to 10 years. The expansive coverage includes all major brands, guaranteeing parts and labor without deductibles, and ensuring that both newly installed and existing equipment—subject to a rigorous quality check—are included.

The modern infrastructure ecosystem demands a holistic approach to warranty. The Trinity Warranty ESA program isn’t just an assurance—it’s a testament to quality, reliability, and customer-centric service. No more fretting over unexpected repair costs; Trinity’s comprehensive program has you covered, right from commercial refrigeration, pool heaters, water heaters to large industrial HVAC/R equipment. Given that many manufacturer warranties omit labor costs, and often don’t extend beyond the initial years, Trinity’s offering proves to be both cost-effective and crucial for long-term operational success. After all, when the cost of an ESA is usually lesser than a single service call, the choice is transparently evident for savvy homeowners and businesses. Discover a selection of products and industries bolstered by our Extended Service Agreements (ESAs) below.

Comprehensive Chiller Protection: Trinity Warranty's Extended Service Agreements for Commercial Chillers

Trinity Warranty offers specialized Extended Service Agreements tailored for commercial chillers, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your significant investment. Covering a vast range of chiller types and brands, our customizable plans range from a 1- year renewable agreement to an extensive 10- year Parts and Labor program. Whether it’s package chillers, remote chillers, or even commercial compressors, our coverage is designed to provide peace of mind, preventing unexpected costs and ensuring seamless operations.

Guard Your Warmth: The Best Extended Service Agreements for Water Heaters & Boilers

Modern water heaters and boilers are paramount to ensuring a comfortable environment in your home or business. Trinity Warranty steps in to safeguard your investment, offering comprehensive Extended Service Agreements that span up to 10 years after installation. Covering a wide array of equipment types – from tankless water heaters to high-efficiency boilers – we ensure that whether you’re in a residential or commercial setting, your water heating systems are protected against unforeseen malfunctions and expenses.

Optimized Protection for Industrial HVAC/R: Your Exclusive Shield Against Unforeseen Failures.

For enterprises operating with large-scale HVAC/R equipment, understanding the nuances of commercial warranties is paramount. Trinity Warranty leads the market as the sole provider of extended warranties for large HVAC/R systems, ensuring your commercial operations stay uninterrupted. Our tailored service agreements not only offer comprehensive protection against unpredictable material and labor costs but also accommodate a diverse range of equipment sizes and types, ensuring a seamless, budget-friendly experience for all our clients.

Leading Extended Service Agreements for HVAC & Refrigeration Compressors Across All Brands

Protect Your Compressor Investment with Trinity Warranty: Offering Up-to-10-Year Extended Service Agreements for All Brands and Sizes. Our specialized Compressor Program ensures that whether it’s a replacement or a brand-new unit, your HVAC or Refrigeration compressor is shielded against unforeseen expenses. Choose between parts-only or comprehensive parts-and-labor plans, and experience peace of mind with every cycle.

Maximizing LED Lighting ROI: Extended Service Agreements Comprehensive LED Coverage

Protect your LED investments with Trinity Warranty’s Extended Service Agreements, offering extended coverage beyond the standard 5-year parts warranty. Tackle unforeseen labor costs and ensure a hassle-free replacement process for all LED lighting types. With flexible options designed for OEMs and resellers, our program ensures up to 10 years of comprehensive coverage, safeguarding both fixtures and labor.

Premium Protection for Commercial Refrigeration: Trinity Warranty's Extended Service Solutions

Extended Service Agreements offer paramount protection for commercial refrigeration, addressing the evolving complexities of modern refrigeration systems. Designed to shield food service industries from the high costs of electronic component replacements and potential food spoilage, our ESAs ensure peace of mind even after the original factory warranty concludes. From walk-in freezers to food service equipment, we cover a wide spectrum of equipment and brands, with specialized plans including 24/7 service dispatch and preventive maintenance for national accounts.

Maximize Your Pool's Lifespan: Extended Service Agreements for Pool Heaters & Pumps.

Ensure uninterrupted pool enjoyment with Trinity’s comprehensive warranty covering both heaters and pumps. From high-tech pool and spa equipment to efficient heaters, safeguard your investment against unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Whether residential or commercial, Trinity Warranty provides unmatched coverage, ensuring optimal performance and extended equipment lifespan.

Protecting Solar-Assisted HVAC Investments with Comprehensive Extended Service Agreements

Embrace energy-efficient solutions without compromising on equipment security with Trinity Warranty’s Extended Service Agreements for Solar Assisted HVAC. Ensure continuous protection for both solar panels and A/C units, even when the original manufacturer’s warranty is voided. Tailored for residential and commercial settings, our programs provide up to 10 years of Parts-only or Parts and Labor coverage, safeguarding your solar-integrated HVAC investments.

Maximize HVAC Lifespan & Savings: Trinity Warranty's Premier Extended Service Agreements

Experience unmatched protection with Trinity Warranty’s Extended Service Agreements tailored for both residential and commercial HVAC systems. Ensure long-term coverage beyond the factory warranty, offering choices in Parts-only, Labor-only, or combined Parts and Labor solutions. With HVAC repairs being among the costliest, our Extended Service Agreement is an investment in peace of mind, potentially saving equipment owners thousands of dollars in unforeseen expenses.

Trinity Warranty: Comprehensive Extended Service Agreements for All Stand-by Generator Brands & Sizes.

Experience Optimal Generator Security with Trinity Warranty: Specialized Extended Service Agreements offering up to a decade of parts and labor coverage post-installation. Catering to both residential and commercial needs, Trinity ensures protection for all stand-by generator types, brands, and sizes, even extending potential coverage to select existing units.

Protecting All Brands: Trinity Offers Universal Extended Service Agreements

Universal Brand Protection:
Whether it’s Bard, Ecoer, Carrier, Trane, or Goodman, Trinity Agreements Cover all Major HVAC and Plumbing Brands, Ensuring You’re Never Left in the Dark.

Digital Convenience:
Trinity’s Intuitive Online Program, Managing Your Agreement is Just a Click Away, Streamlining Your Administration Tasks.

Total Coverage Assurance:
Rest Easy Knowing Every Part of Your Equipment, from Intricate Components to Labor-Intensive Repairs, is Covered Without Exception.

Trust In Trinity’s Reliability:
Experience Peace of Mind with Trinity’s 100% Coverage Promise – Zero Deductibles, Just Total Protection. Their Commitment is Reinforced as Every Extended Service Agreement is Backed by “A” Rated Insurance Companies.


Comprehensive Warranty Solutions: Texas Reps’ Expertise and Trinity Warranty’s Extended Service Agreements for HVAC/R & Equipment.

In our ever-changing world, reliable warranty solutions have become indispensable. Since its inception in 2009 by Peter Dikeos and a team of industry experts boasting over 150 years of combined experience in HVAC/R and plumbing, Trinity Warranty Solutions has emerged as a vanguard in the warranty realm. They craft bespoke Extended Service Agreements (ESAs) that ensure lasting protection for HVAC/R and plumbing equipment, extending assurance well beyond typical manufacturer warranties. Trinity’s broad suite of offerings benefits both individual homeowners and comprehensive facility management, emphasizing holistic equipment care and durability

Structured with a dual-division design, Trinity addresses unique client needs with precision. The Trinity Warranty Division specializes in ESAs, designing custom programs for a diverse range of stakeholders, from manufacturers and distributors to contractors and dealers. Conversely, Trinity National Accounts stands as a pinnacle in facilities management, dedicated to overseeing HVAC/R/P assets for large-scale commercial establishments, such as retail centers and national restaurant chains. Their extensive services range from preventive maintenance and emergency replacements to diligent monitoring of factory warranties and systematic asset management.