Discover the Power of Refresh Fans HVLS – Engineered Precision, Unparalleled Performance
Refresh Fans HVLS offer the Ultimate Performance and Efficiency, Utilizing Italian Precision Engineering to Deliver Unparalleled Results in North American Climates. Whether You Need Fans for Industrial, Commercial, or Agricultural Applications, Refresh Fans has the Best Solutions to Meet Your Needs. Experience Significant Energy and Cost Savings with Every Installation, Making Refresh Fans (HVLS) High-Volume, Low-Speed Fans an Essential Choice for Any Facility.

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Discover the Refresh Fans EQ HVLS Difference: Optimal Efficiency and Intelligent Design for Unmatched Performance
Introducing Refresh Fans EQ HVLS Fans – the epitome of beautiful simplicity in air movement for industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications. Refresh Fans stands out with its focus on delivering the best results through effortless installation, easy maintenance, and outstanding efficiency at a cost-effective price point compared to industry equivalents. With a maintenance-free motor, robust steel structure, and silent operation due to the gearless motor and special airfoil design, Refresh Fans guarantee a long-lasting, reliable performance. These fans are designed to integrate seamlessly with HVAC systems, contributing to energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions, all while ensuring key safety features for added peace of mind. In the winter, they efficiently destratify environments by pushing warm air downwards, preventing HVAC systems from running inefficiently, while in the summer, the constant breeze eliminates hot and cool spots, creating a natural cooling effect and keeping insects at bay.

Refresh Fans’ high-quality HVLS fans are built to handle operating temperatures up to +50°C, and their optimized blade terminals provide both enhanced performance and acoustic comfort. The hub cover protects the motor from dust, enhancing aesthetics and longevity. Integrated EMC filters prevent electromagnetic interference from other devices, ensuring seamless operation. Unit performances are thoroughly tested to the latest AMCA standard, providing accurate and reliable information to users. Manufactured in accordance with Machinery Directive (MD), Low Voltage Directive (LVD), Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC), and 327/2011 Reg, Refresh Fans EQ HVLS Fans offer the perfect balance of performance, efficiency, and simplicity. Experience the ultimate air movement solution and discover the unmatched benefits of Refresh Fans’ HVLS fans, tailored to meet the diverse needs of industrial, commercial, and agricultural environments.


Refresh Fans EQ HVLS Fans: The Perfect Balance of Performance and Simplicity for Industrial, Commercial & Agricultural Spaces – Effortless Installation, Easy Maintenance, and Outstanding Efficiency at a Cost-Effective Price Point. Sizes 10’-24’.

Optimized Design & Efficiency

Boasting an aerodynamically optimized design with anodized aluminum airfoils, the Refresh Fans EQ HVLS fan is the epitome of efficiency. Equipped with a high-efficiency, maintenance-free, three-phase EC brushless motor, specifically designed for HVLS technology, it ensures silent operation while seamlessly integrating with HVAC systems for substantial energy savings and CO2 emission reductions.

Safety and Reliability Redefined

Constructed with a robust steel structure, the EQ HVLS fan from Refresh Fans prioritizes safety with features like key security wires, stabilizing cables, and a hub safety ring. Its upper frame is made of protective painted iron, and the fan adheres to stringent standards like AMCA, MD, LVD, EMC, and the 327/2011 Regulation, ensuring it’s a product you can trust.

Year-Round Comfort

This fan is an all-season marvel. During winter, it aids in destratification, pushing warm air down to create a consistent temperature, enhancing HVAC efficiency. In summer, its constant breeze eliminates temperature inconsistencies, offering a natural cooling effect while deterring insects, all with simple electrical connections and operability even in temperatures up to +50°C.

Gearless, EC Brushless,
Variable Speed Motor

Experience up to 43% Less Horsepower/KW Consumption Compared to Competitors, Delivering Exceptional Energy Savings.

Aerodynamical Shaped Aluminum
EN AW 6063 T6 Blades

Unique Five (5) Airfoil Design Strikes the Perfect Balance Between Surface Area, Speed, and Angle Of Attack, Ensuring Maximum Motor Efficiency and Longevity.

BMS Integration Capable with RS-485 ModBus Connection

With Modbus Control Options, Easy Building Automation Integration Becomes a Reality. Enjoy Quieter Operations, Redundant Safety Features, and No Additional VFD or Gearbox Maintenance.


Revitalize Your Space: How HVLS Fans by Refresh Fans Work and Why They’re the Best Choice
In today’s age of innovation, the focus is often on high-speed, high-tech solutions. However, sometimes the most effective answers lie in slowing things down. Enter HVLS (High-Volume, Low-Speed) fans, a revolutionary approach to efficient airflow. One name that stands out in the realm of HVLS fans is Refresh Fans. Let’s explore the world of HVLS fans and see how Refresh Fans dominates this market with its sophisticated offerings.

Understanding HVLS Fans

  • How Do HVLS Fans Work? HVLS fans operate on a straightforward premise: move a vast amount of air at a slow pace to create a broad column of airflow. These large ceiling fans have elongated blades that gently rotate, circulating massive amounts of air across vast spaces. The idea is not just to move the air but to ensure the circulation creates a uniform temperature and prevents stagnation.

Benefits of HVLS Fans

  • Energy Efficiency: By creating steady airflow, HVLS fans ensure that HVAC systems don’t overwork. This, in turn, translates to a reduction in energy consumption and costs.
  • Improved Air Quality: A constant gentle circulation helps in minimizing the accumulation of airborne contaminants, fostering a healthier environment.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The gentle breeze produced by HVLS fans can reduce the perceived temperature, creating a comfortable environment without the chilling effects of high-speed fans.

Refresh Fans: The Epitome of HVLS Excellence

  • Why Choose Refresh Fans?
  • Italian Design and Engineering: Refresh Fans’ products are inspired by the sophistication of Italian design, tailored explicitly for North American climates. This unique fusion ensures aesthetics are in harmony with functionality.
  • Remarkable Efficiency: These fans don’t just circulate air; they control an area’s environment, emphasizing the company’s commitment to a greener planet.
  • Cost-effective Performance: With potential energy savings of up to 30%, Refresh Fans not only bolster employee productivity but also bring about tangible cost benefits.
Integral to HVAC: Recognizing the transformative impact of HVLS fans, Refresh Fans have become an essential component of commercial HVAC designs. Refresh Fans’ commitment to excellence doesn’t end with the product. Their mission is rooted in delivering the highest quality large ceiling fans, creating a synergy between performance, savings, and a refreshing experience. When it comes to HVLS solutions, the choice is clear: Refresh Fans are not just a choice; they’re the industry standard. Embrace the world of efficient, effective, and essential airflow solutions with Refresh Fans. They truly are the most refreshing HVLS ceiling fans in the world.


Discover the Refresh HVLS Difference: Optimal Efficiency and Intelligent Design for Unmatched Performance.
Texas Reps proudly represents Refresh Fans, a leading manufacturer of high-quality HVLS fans for industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications. With their beautifully simple air movement technology, Refresh Fans stand out as a top choice for organizations seeking efficient and cost-effective solutions. These fans are easy to install and maintain, making them hassle-free for businesses to incorporate into their facilities while delivering the same level of performance as higher-priced industry equivalents.

Founded by Paul Reeves, a visionary in the air movement industry, Refresh Fans has a strong track record of helping Fortune 500 companies reduce energy consumption and associated costs while improving employee morale and overall efficiency. As an expert in High Volume Low-Speed (HVLS) fan technology, Paul’s mission is to create a company that solves real-world problems through simple and effective solutions, reflected in the design and performance of Refresh Fans’ products.

Refresh Fans offers a wide range of HVLS fans, industrial fans, commercial fans, and agriculture fans, all designed to deliver high-volume, low-speed airflow, ensuring optimal air circulation and comfort in any space. These energy-efficient fans come in various sizes, including large ceiling fans, providing reliable and powerful air movement for warehouses, industrial facilities, and other commercial spaces. With an impressive network of HVLS fan manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers, Refresh Fans has become one of the most trusted names in the industry, earning top reviews and recognition for their exceptional performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Whether it’s HVLS fan installation support, benefits, cost, or performance, Texas Reps provides tailored air movement solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses across different sectors.