Our Manufacturers

ADP is the perfect match for your heating and air conditioning systems. Since 1992, Advanced Distributor Products (ADP) has been a leading manufacturer of
high-quality indoor HVAC equipment. ADP is now the #1 producer of
residential evaporator coils in the USA.

Manufacturers of quality ventilation products for over 40 years. Air King offers a full line of Range Hoods, Bathroom Fans &  Air Circulators.

Bard HVAC’s leadership in the highly competitive global heating and air conditioning industry reflects more than a century of building relationships, ethical business, professionalism and integrity. We provide reliable, durable products and back them up with unmatched customer support.

Principled in an evidence-based paradigm, using a comprehensive approach and collective knowledge base, we calculate the optimized UVC fluence for your application, whether using industry-leading plug-and-play devices or an integrated Cloud-based IoT-enabled system.

Room Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps, Water Source Heat Pumps, Mobile
Home Package Units, Commercial Packaged Units.

Our tools and accessories are made to live on the jobsite. That’s where they’re
tested. And if there’s a problem, it’s where we solve it. The result is products
we can stand behind.

Comfortable, quiet & consistant inverter heat pump systems designed to make your home Green & Smart.

Honeywell’s Genesis Series provides a full range of low voltage cables for
security, fire, sound, video, structured cabling, voice & data, and other low
voltage cable applications.

Wesanco metal framing (strut), all thread rod and fittings. ZSI-Foster Cusha-clamps, Insulation Saddles, Cusha-Block Roof Supports and more.

Koldwave air-cooled/water-cooled portable air conditioning & heat pump units for commercial applications.

Lenox Tools offers leading technology to provide the HVAC trade the highest
quality blades, saws, bits, hand tools, torches, and accessories that the
industry has to offer.

Lasting Connections. Decades Of Expertise Providing Innovative Metal
Joining Solutions To Connect The World Around Us.

 Aerionics strives to provide the highest
quality gas detection, safety and security solutions to customers worldwide.
Celebrating 45 years of gas detection, the Macurco product line offers
equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Indoor & Outdoor, Horizontal &Vertical DX & Chilled Water blower coils and fan coils units for commercial applications.

MARS® Air Doors stabilize environments, and save energy by minimizing the
heated/air conditioned air loss through open doorways. They also effectively
repel flying insects, dust and pollutants.

Quality double wall B Vent, 3″ – 30″. Corrguard AL294C vent, grills, registers and diffusers, Diamondback CSST.

Parker HVAC Filtration Division is a leading manufacturer of HVAC filtration
products for residential, commercial/industrial, and HEPA applications

WellAir makes the indoor world cleaner and safer. Scientifically proven to help harmonize how we work, live and play.

The most efficient, effective, essential & refreshing HVLS fans in the world.

RenewAire manufactures Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) products for the
home and for buildings of all types and sizes. RenewAire ERV units are
available in over 20,000 ready-to-build product configurations.

All-weather foil tape
for metal ducts or flexible film and cloth for flex duct connections and anything in between. We have all the tape professional HVAC contractors need
for long lasting air systems that meet UL code.

Testo is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of portable test and measurement instrumentation and solutions. Backed by 60 years of measuring engineering experience, our mission is to provide the best
quality, service, and value in the industry.

We are an industry leading Extended Service Agreement (ESA) provider for equipment in the heating, ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration (HVAC/R)
plumbing, and electrical industries.