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Magic Aire HVAC Solutions: Energy-Efficient Air Handling Units and Unit Ventilators

For distributors, contractors, building managers, construction, and engineer firms seeking the pinnacle in Air Handling Units and Unit Ventilators, Magic Aire stands as a beacon of quality and innovation. Their offerings, tailored for applications ranging from schools to commercial spaces, are the epitome of efficiency, versatility, and high performance. The BMB – Modular AHU, for instance, boasts an impressive tonnage range of 2 to 20 and a CFM Range from 800 to 8000. It’s the embodiment of advanced engineering with features like Discharge and Return Grille Plenums, Field-installed Electric Heaters, and Lowleak Damper Construction, making it a favorite among construction professionals and facility managers. For those eyeing rooftop solutions, the BRD – Rooftop AHU offers unmatched durability and reliability, ideal for any weather condition. Taking versatility a notch higher, Magic Aire’s comprehensive range also includes products like the BVE – Vertical Fan Coil Unit and the HBB Belt Drive Horizontal Blower Coil Units. Catering to the needs of today’s fast-paced construction projects, these units are a boon for engineer firms and contractors, ensuring projects stay on track with minimal hassles. Schools and educational facilities, known for their stringent air quality requirements, can especially benefit from Magic Aire’s Self-Contained Unit Ventilators. With their innovative variable speed system, these units redefine the standards of indoor air quality, ensuring students and staff breathe easier. In a world where every building and facility is unique, Magic Aire’s solutions are a testament to adaptability and cutting-edge technology, making them the first choice for professionals aiming for the best.


Discover the HCA – High Efficiency Direct Drive AHU, Offering a Tonnage Range of 1 to 10 and a CFM Range from 400 to 4000, Featuring an Exterior Baked On, Textured, Powder Coat Finish, Flexible Fan Control Options, Isolated Motor Mount, and a Mixing Box and Economizer Control Package for Superior Performance and Ease Of Integration with Various Systems.


Ensure a Critical Environment with The HHA – Critical Environment AHU, Featuring a Tonnage Range of 1 to 10 and a CFM Range from 400 to 4000, Along with Exceptional Features Such as a Backward-Curved Plenum Fan, Dual Side Service Access Doors, High Static Pressure Capability, Isolated Motor Sled, and Multiple Filtration Options, Including HEPA and MERV 14, all Housed in a Robust Exterior with a Textured Powder Coat Finish for Durability and Efficiency.


Experience Premium Performance with the NDB – Vertical Premium AHU, Offering a Tonnage Range of 2 to 5 and a CFM Range from 800 to 4000, Featuring Double Wall Construction, Flexible Coil Options, Multiple Blower Speed Control Choices, and Easy Conversion Between Vertical or Rear Horizontal Discharge, all Finished with a Durable Powder Coat for Enhanced Protection.


Embrace Versatility and Efficiency with the BMB – Modular AHU, Offering a Tonnage Range of 2 to 20 and a CFM Range from 800 to 8000, Featuring Discharge and Return Grille Plenums, Field-installed Electric Heaters, Mixing Boxes with Control Options, Low-leak Damper Construction, and Motor Start/Stop Stations for Optimal Air Management in Various Configurations.


Elevate Your Rooftop Air Management with the BRD – Rooftop AHU, Offering a Tonnage Range of 2 to 20 and a CFM Range from 400 to 8000, Featuring Sturdy Hinged Service Doors for Easy Access, Isolating Motor Sled for Reduced Vibration Transmission, and a Durable Textured Steel with Powder Coat Finish to Withstand Severe Weather Conditions, Ensuring Reliable Performance Year After Year.


Discover the cutting-edge Magic Aire BVE – Vertical Fan Coil Unit, optimized for tonnages between 2-10 and delivering a CFM range of 800-4000. Engineered for excellence, this unit showcases chilled water and DX cooling coils, upflow supply and return, and adaptable features such as single or double wall cabinets and advanced valve packages.


Experience the efficiency of Magic Aire HBB Belt Drive Horizontal Blower Coil Units, engineered for a tonnage range of 1-20 and a CFM spectrum of 400-8000. Equipped with advanced chilled water and DX cooling coils, these units offer innovative features such as low-leak damper construction, custom stainless steel cabinet options, and versatile single or double wall cabinets.


Discover the efficiency and versatility of Magic Aire’s HC/HWC Series Hot Water Coils, designed with a heating capacity ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 BTU/hr, suitable for 2-5T AHU applications. With a consistent 9″ height tailored for limited spaces, these units feature copper tube/aluminum fin coils, a robust 22-gauge cabinet, and compatibility with ICP “FC” series & modular blowers, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability.


Maximize cooling efficiency with Magic Aire’s HWB/HXB H-Series coils, delivering a robust 2-10 ton nominal cooling capacity through advanced copper-tube/aluminum fin coils, compatible with both R-410A and R-22. With features including a durable powder-coated cabinet and flexible right or left-hand connections, these units are tailored for performance and adaptability in diverse setups.


Enhance your heating system with the Magic Aire RHB Series Hot Water Coils, expertly designed for horizontal or vertical upflow discharge in both new and existing air handlers. Boasting an embossed galvanized casing with foil-faced insulation, this series promises quick delivery, effortless integration, and efficient hot water heating for a variety of air handling units.


Optimize your heating system with the Magic Aire SHW Series Hot Water Booster Coils, crafted with seamless copper tubing, aluminum fins, and a galvanized steel casing for robust performance. Available in a versatile size range and with face areas from 1.30 sf to 5.2 sf, these coils are designed for 400 PSIG operating pressure, ensuring efficient heat transfer and are ready for immediate shipment.


Experience unparalleled cooling efficiency with the Magic Aire VWF/VXF Series, seamlessly integrating both cased and uncased DX and hydronic cooling coils for optimal performance. With a tonnage range of 2–10, these units, complete with closed-cell insulation and durable stainless steel drainpans, promise quick availability and an impeccable operational range of 800 to 4000 CFM.


Experience superior climate control with the Magic Aire CEA Series Ceiling Exposed Horizontal FCU, crafted to deliver a tonnage of 0.5-3 and a CFM range of 200-1200. This elegant, slim-profile unit boasts a durable galvanealed steel cabinet coated in textured Polar Ice, enhanced with acoustic and thermal insulation, making it perfect for exposed ceiling installations while maintaining a discreet appearance.


Upgrade your HVAC system with the Magic Aire CH Series Horizontal Uncased FCU, expertly designed for a tonnage range of 0.5-3 and a CFM spectrum of 200-1200. This concealed above-ceiling unit delivers versatile heating and cooling combinations with its multiple chilled water, DX, hot water, and electric heat options, complemented by a factory-assembled valve package for optimal performance.


Discover the efficiency and versatility of Magic Aire’s Model DH Fan Coil Unit, boasting a tonnage range of 1-2.5 and an impressive CFM range of 400-1000. This horizontal direct drive chilled water/DX air unit is perfect for exposed or ducted installations, featuring up to 6- row chilled water cooling coils, convertible blower access, and a host of factory options for tailored functionality.


Experience superior climate control with Magic Aire’s Model DUC Multiposition Fan Coil Unit, tailored for a tonnage range of 1.5-5 and a CFM range of 600-2000. Whether for exposed or ducted installations, this unit offers versatile vertical and horizontal discharge options, ECM-VE motor configurations, and a variety of heating and cooling solutions, ensuring optimal performance for your space.


Boost your indoor air quality with Magic Aire’s Direct Drive Vertical Fan Coil Model DVB, offering a tonnage range of 1-2.5 and CFM from 400-1000. Designed primarily for apartment closet installations, this unit combines cutting-edge ECM-VE motor options with double sloped drain pans, flexible cooling solutions, and factory-assembled valve packages to provide seamless integration with remote condensing units, chillers, and heating systems.


Experience superior climate control with Magic Aire’s F Series Floor Exposed Vertical Fan Coil Units, optimized for exposed installations with a CFM range of 200-1200. With tonnage flexibility from 0.5-3, the F Series, including models FFC and FSC, combines aesthetic sloped-top design and upflow functionality, making them the preferred choice for seamless room integration.


Magic Aire Self Contained Unit Ventilators are the Ultimate Solution for Critical Indoor Air Quality Needs in Applications Like Classrooms, Offering Air Cooled, Air Source Heat Pump, and Water Source Heat Pump Models, Delivering Energy-efficient and Precisely Controlled Performance with a Variable Speed System, Surpassing Traditional Unit Ventilators by Maintaining High Efficiency at Part Load and Providing Low Start and Stop Noise Levels Through Its Speed Ramp Function, While Also Offering Flexible DDC Control Packages for Seamless Integration Into Building Management System Networks or Standalone Operation.


Magic Aire Unit Ventilators are the Perfect Choice for Critical Indoor Air Quality Environments Like Classrooms and Hospitals, Offering Energy-efficient Solutions to Maintain Optimal Room Conditions, with a Wide Range Of Options Available In Both Horizontal (UHF) and Vertical (UVF) Configurations, Accommodating Various Specifications and Mounting Preferences, and Featuring Sizes from 750 to 2000 Cfm for Horizontal Units and 500 to 1500 Cfm for Vertical Units, Along with Versatile Heating and Cooling Capabilities.


Magic Aire’s HVAC Mastery: Unraveling the Nuances of Air Handlers vs. Unit Ventilators

When venturing into the vast landscape of HVAC solutions, understanding the subtle intricacies between air handlers and unit ventilators becomes crucial. Magic Aire, a leader of HVAC excellence, has curated an array of products that showcase these differences, ensuring optimal indoor air quality and efficiency. For those navigating the complexities of heating and cooling systems, this guide will shed light on the distinctions and showcase why Magic Aire remains the best choice.

Air Handlers Explained

What They Are: An air handler’s main duty is to regulate and circulate air as part of an HVAC system. Essentially, they can be visualized as the heart of the HVAC, pumping conditioned air throughout your facility.
How They Work: Air handlers pull in ambient air, pass it through filters to purify, then over coils (either heating or cooling) and distribute the conditioned air through the duct system.

Magic Aire’s Premium Air Handler Lineup:
NDB Belt Drive Air Handler Series: Adaptable and efficient, these models promise uniform temperature throughout spaces, thanks to their precision-engineered airflow controls.
VHC Vertical High-Capacity Series: A boon for spaces with constraints, these power-packed models assure top-tier airflow even in restricted areas.
DUH Horizontal Low-Profile Series: For areas with lower ceilings, these seamlessly integrate, offering superior air distribution.

Unit Ventilators Dissected

What They Are: These are compact HVAC units, commonly found in individual rooms, that provide both ventilation and temperature control.
How They Work: Unit ventilators primarily pull in fresh outdoor air, condition it (either heating or cooling), mix it with the room’s air, and then directly supply the tempered air.
Magic Aire’s Unbeatable Unit Ventilator Selection:
UV Series: Epitomizing user-centric design, these are perfect for areas like classrooms where fresh, conditioned air is paramount.
HUV Horizontal Series: Demonstrating Magic Aire’s innovation, these are horizontal iterations for spaces where vertical setups falter.
DHC Digital Series: Infusing digital finesse, these models offer granular environmental controls, ensuring optimal energy consumption.
Additional Pinnacle Offerings from Magic Aire:
Specialty Coils:Designed for synergy with Magic Aire HVAC systems, they significantly amplify performance.
Direct Drive Blower Coils: Merging energy-saving capabilities with robust performance, these coils reflect Magic Aire’s engineering prowess.

Why Magic Aire Stands Apart: Magic Aire doesn’t just stop at creating efficient HVAC solutions. Their Quick Ship program underscores their dedication to supporting distributors, contractors, construction and engineering firms, building managers, and end-users alike. This initiative ensures swift product delivery, reaffirming their promise to prioritize client needs and offer seamless service. In a realm where clarity is key, Magic Aire effortlessly simplifies the air handler vs. unit ventilator debate. Their comprehensive offerings underline their dominant stance in the HVAC domain, making them an industry favorite.


Magic Aire: Your Top Choice for Commercial HVAC Solutions – Fan Coils, Blower Coils, Air Handlers and More!

Magic Aire stands as a distinguished independent manufacturer represented by Texas Reps, specializing in the production of cutting-edge Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) components, including an array of fan coils, air handlers, and unit ventilators. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in our industry-leading benchmarks for on-time delivery, seamless business interactions, and the lowest warranty rates, setting us apart as a reliable and trusted partner for contractors and distributors seeking top-tier HVAC solutions.

Among their notable offerings is the High Efficiency Direct Drive Air Handling Unit (HCA) – a technological marvel that combines AHU-grade coil and filter selections with direct drive fan technology, presenting innovative solutions for various facilities while eliminating the need for traditional v-belts. In addition, Magic Aire’s comprehensive Stock Coil Products ensure immediate access to their most popular cased and uncased coil products, streamlining project timelines and meeting urgent equipment needs.

Unit Ventilators – available in UVF, UHF, and SCB models – exemplify their commitment to excellence. These units showcase Best In Class damper mechanisms, unmatched application flexibility, and the latest advancement – the Self-Contained configurations with Variable Speed compressor technology, embodying our dedication to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. At the heart of their offerings is the highly-acclaimed NDB air handling unit. Far beyond regulating temperature, the NDB presents an energy-efficient, low sound solution, catering to diverse comfort conditioning and fan control needs. With a seamless fit in settings ranging from classrooms to assisted living spaces, condominiums, and beyond, the NDB exemplifies our passion for enhancing the quality of living environments through innovative HVAC solutions. In addition, their popular Belt Drive Horizontal air handler (HBB) boasts a range of customizable options and sizes, from 2 to 20 tons, catering to a wide spectrum of project requirements.

As an industry leader, Magic Aire is also proud to offer a Quick Ship Program, with options for 2, 5, or 10-day fulfillment, further demonstrating our commitment to efficiency and customer convenience. Contact a Texas Rep to learn more how Magic Aire can benefit your Facility.