LENOX® Tools: Distributors & Contractors’ Choice for Exceptional Cutting Performance
Lenox’s Diverse Line of Products, Including Durable and High-Performing Reciprocating, Jigsaw, and Portable Bandsaw Blades, Hole Saws, Drill Bits, and Metal-Cutting Circular Saw Blades, are Engineered to Meet the Rigorous Demands of HVAC, Construction, and Mechanical Projects. Our Commitment to Delivering Exceptional Tools and Customer Service has Made Us the Preferred Choice for Industry Professionals Seeking Dependable, High-Quality Solutions. With Texas Reps and LENOX®, You Can Trust that Your Project’s Success is in Capable Hands.

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Precision Cutting Tools with Lenox®

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LENOX® Tools: High-Performance Cutting Solutions for HVAC/R Solutions & Construction Professionals
Representing the pinnacle of durable, high-performance professional power tool accessories, LENOX® Tools offers a broad spectrum of solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of HVAC mechanical projects. The LENOX® product line includes superior reciprocating, jigsaw, and portable bandsaw blades, precision hole saws, robust drill bits, and metal-cutting circular saw blades. For distributors, wholesale resellers, contractors, construction, and engineering firms seeking top-tier cutting tools, LENOX® is the choice that consistently delivers. Chosen by professionals seeking to optimize their HVAC and construction projects, LENOX® Tools not only meets but exceeds industry demands, reinforcing your commitment to excellence, efficiency, and profitability


LENOX® Delivers Industry-leading Performance with its Reciprocating Saw Blades, Hole Saws, and Circular Blades, Consistently Voted the Market’s Best. From Unmatched Durability in Bi-Metal Reciprocating Blades for High-demand Scenarios to Hole Saws and Circular Blades Ensuring Fewer Changes and Maximum Diameter Retention, Lenox Stands Out in Both Resilience and Efficiency.


LENOX® Tools, Ranging from Aviation Snips, Utility Knives, and Blades to Screwdrivers, Hand Saws, and Wrenches, are the Go-to Choice for Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC Technicians, and Professional Users Seeking Precision and Durability. Whether it’s the Ratcheting Mechanism of their Drivers, the Sharpness of Their Hacksaw Blades, or the Grip of Their Pliers, Lenox Ensures Top-tier Performance in Every Task.


LENOX® Drill Bits are the Hallmark of Precision and Quality in HVAC/R and Construction, Combining Extended Lifespan with the PowerDrive™ Tip for Accurate Starts. From the Versatility of Vari-Bit® to the Bi-Metal Series Designed for Durability, Even in Tough Materials, LENOX® Consistently Ensures Clean, Precise Drilling, Solidifying its Position as the Top Choice for Industry Experts.


LENOX® Band Saw Blades, Designed for HVAC/R, Industrial, and Mechanical Applications, Offer Unparalleled Precision and Durability. From the Versatile AEROWOLF™ Series Suited for High Alloy Materials to the Rapid Cutting Capabilities of ALLOYWOLF™ and METALWOLF™ for Metals, and The Wood-specialized LUMBERWOLF™, LENOX® Remains the Top Choice for Professionals Demanding Excellence.


Superior Cutting with LENOX®: Your Ultimate Solution in HVAC/R and Construction

In the intricate world of HVAC and construction, having the right cutting tools can be the difference between an average job and an impeccable one. For distributors, wholesale resellers, and contractors’ intent on securing the best for their projects, LENOX® stands out as the preferred choice. Boasting over a century of unparalleled cutting expertise, LENOX® has been a beacon of innovation with its fast-cutting blades designed meticulously for challenging metal, demolition, and HVAC applications. Whether it’s the precision of the Reciprocating Saw Blades or the robustness of the Blades, professionals recognize the undeniable prowess of LENOX®. With groundbreaking technologies like Power Arc® and Power Blast®, LENOX® jigsaw blades redefine performance. Seeking a cleaner, more efficient alternative to abrasive cut-off wheels? LENOX® circular saw blades offer fewer wheel changes, minimized dust and odor, and consistent blade diameter retention. Further enhancing their offerings, LENOX® hole saws now come with an enhanced tooth geometry, ensuring 50% faster cuts than their predecessors. They’re twice as durable, featuring robust walls that guard against tooth loss. The innovative Staircase SPEED SLOTS ensure smooth sawdust and chip removal, while the strategic design prevents plug sticking, making your cutting experience seamless. For those in search of cutting-edge grinding accessories, LENOX® continues to be the name you trust. Elevate your projects with LENOX® – where precision meets performance.


Experience Unparalleled Precision and Durability with the 20564614 14-TPI Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade. Effortlessly Slice through Metal with Minimal Wear, making it the Ultimate Choice for Your Cutting Needs.


Unleash Cutting Power and Longevity with the 2058829 Carbide Tipped Reciprocating Saw Blades. Metalwolf’s Carbide Tipped Design Masters Metal Applications Seamlessly, Setting New Standards for Precision and Performance with Every Stroke.


Experience Cutting Precision and Durability Redefined with the 20562610R 6” 10TPI MULTIWOLF™ WAVE EDGE™ Reciprocating Saw Blades. These Blades effortlessly handle a variety of materials, thanks to their Innovative Wave-edge Design, setting a new standard for Performance and Versatility.


Upgrade Your Circular Saws with the 2044481 7″ Metalmax® Type 27 Cut-off Wheel from LENOX. This Cut-off Wheel Revolutionizes Metal Cutting, Delivering Cleaner Cuts and an Exceptional Lifespan for Unmatched Cutting Efficiency.


Experience Cutting Innovation with the 19915983-5/8″ X 3/8″ 18TPI Power Arc® Curved Metal Cutting Jig Saw Blade from LENOX. This blade showcases an Advanced Curved Design, ensuring swifter and smoother metal cuts every time you use it.


Elevate Metal Cutting Precision with the 19915653-5/8″ X 3/8″ 18TPI Metal Cutting Jig Saw Blades by LENOX. These Blades Combine Durability and Sharpness for Unparalleled Performance, Ensuring each Cut Delivers Exceptional Accuracy.


Experience Ultimate Cutting Efficiency with the 308042000G 26 Pc Big Daddy™ Speed Slot® Bi-metal Hole Saw Contractor’s Kit from LENOX. This Kit, featuring the Advanced Speed Slot® Design, guarantees Swift and Clean Cuts, solidifying its place as an Essential Toolset for Dedicated Contractors.


Elevate Your Metalworking with the 1972920 Lenox Metalmax™ Diamond Edge Cutoff Wheel. This Wheel boasts Unmatched Longevity and Cutting Precision, revolutionizing your metal projects with its Superior Diamond-infused Edge.


LENOX® Drill Bits: Precision-Engineered for HVAC/R & Construction
Distributors, wholesale resellers, and contractors understand the importance of reliable tools in HVAC and construction projects. Enter LENOX® drill bits, a name synonymous with unmatched quality and performance. The Lenox Vari-Bit® step drill bits are a testament to this, boasting a 2x longer life and a PowerDrive™ tip that begins on contact, eliminating the all-too-familiar walking. Designed for diverse materials, be it steel, sheet metal, or abrasive plastics, these bits are crafted for both standard and impact drills, promising burr-free holes with their dual-flute cutting edges. The clear, laser-engraved hole sizes ensure meticulous drilling, every single time. Beyond the Vari-Bit® range, LENOX® presents the BI-Metal Ship Auger bits and the BI-Metal Utility Bits. These bits, with their high-speed steel cutting edge, are tailored for extreme durability, even in nail-embedded wood. Their unique design allows for quick, efficient drilling, and their resharpening ease with the LENOX diamond file extends their lifespan. The Bi-Metal self-feed bits further amplify the brand’s commitment to quality, ensuring clean holes, easy removal, and swift drilling. With added conveniences like an extra lead screw, wrench, and a quick-change impact hex shank, LENOX® truly stands out as the preferred choice for industry professionals.


Experience Unrivaled Drilling Performance with the 145470081416 18″ X 7/8″ Bi-Metal Ship Auger Bits by LENOX. These Bits Combine Exceptional Durability with Precision, Guaranteeing Clean and Efficient Drilling in Even the Most Challenging Materials.


Elevate Your Projects with the 1094906A1416 6″ X 7/8″ Bi-metal Utility Wood Drill Bits from LENOX. These Bits Expertly Balance Strength and Precision, Ensuring a Clean and Accurate Bore in Wood Applications with Every Use, Making them an Essential Tool for your HVAC Projects.


Unleash Extreme Durability with the 1787566 2- 9/16″ Bi-Metal Self-Feed Wood Drill Bits – HighSpeed Steel Cutting Edge for Superior Strength, Sharper Cuts, Clean Holes, and Effortless Removal, Ensuring Fast and Easy Drilling Through Wood.


Drive Precision with Lenox Vari-Bit Step Drill Bit Kit, 6 Piece 30908VB8 – Accurate, Burr-free Holes With 2X Longer Life, 50% Faster Starts, Patented Two Flute Design for Clean, Round Holes that Start on Contact, Ensuring Faster Penetration, Less Walking, and Enhanced Durability with Steam Oxide Coating and Rapid Chip Removal.


LENOX® Hand Tools & Blades: The Ultimate Solution for HVAC/R & Construction Professionals
In the HVAC and construction sectors, the demand for top-tier hand tools is paramount. Distributors, wholesale resellers, contractors, and engineering firms consistently seek products that marry precision with durability. Meeting this demand head-on is LENOX® with its exceptional range of hand tools and blades. From a comprehensive line of hacksaw blades and frames – which boasts of variants like Compact, Light-Duty, Adjustable, Close-Quarter™ Mini, High-Tension hacksaws, to the Folding Jab and Utility Saw – LENOX® redefines excellence. The introduction of T2™ Technology only elevates the brand’s reputation, offering up to 2x longer blade life compared to their previous generation of hacksaw blades. But that’s not where the innovation ends. LENOX® further extends its craftsmanship to blades and accessories, pocketknives, utility knives, and notably, their pliers and snips. Especially noteworthy are the precision-formed blades for both aviation and bulldog snips and the bi-material blades crafted for offset snips, ensuring long blade life. The snips come with reinforced chrome silicone valve-quality wire for unmatched spring durability. And with their over-molded handles, these tools promise a comfortable grip that resists slipping or twisting. This meticulous attention to detail, right down to their pipe cutters and pipe benders, makes LENOX® the go-to choice for professionals seeking the pinnacle of hand tool performance.


Experience Superior Cutting Performance with the 188446612 24TPI Light Duty Hacksaw. This Tool Offers Precise Cuts and Extended Blade Durability, Making it the Perfect Choice for Intricate and Efficient Light-Duty Tasks. Elevate Your Cutting Game with this Reliable and Versatile Hacksaw.


Embrace the Advantages of the 10771FLK1 Lenox Locking Tradesman Utility Knife: Secure Blade Positioning for Precision Cuts, Elevating Efficiency and Safety in Every Task.


Experience Dual-Direction Precision with the LXHT14348 Offset Left/Right Aviation Snips Set by Lenox. Crafted for Professionals, This Set Ensures Versatile and Efficient Sheet Metal Work with Precision Cuts.


Elevate Your Precision with the 14832TS11 Tight Space Tubing Cutters from Lenox. These Cutters Excel in Confined Spaces, Delivering Accurate Cuts for Optimal Performance in Challenging Pipe-Fitting Scenarios.


LENOX® Storage Solutions: Streamlined Tool Organization for HVAC/R & Mechanical Professionals
In the world of HVAC and Mechanical solutions, professionals—distributors, wholesale resellers, contractors, and engineering firms alike—constantly seek optimal tool storage solutions that blend functionality, durability, and ease of transport. LENOX® stands as a beacon in this quest, introducing its state-of-the-art storage solutions tailored to the unique demands of the industry. Whether it’s the tool bags, pouches, or belts, each piece emphasizes comfort without compromising on space or accessibility. Particularly popular are the portable tool storage backpacks and the versatile 5-gallon bucket tool organizers, which cater perfectly to electricians, plumbers, and contractors. With water-resistant bottoms and protective padded feet, these storage solutions ensure tools remain secure, dry, and undamaged, regardless of the job site’s conditions. LENOX® doesn’t just limit itself to bags and pouches. The brand extends its mastery into tool organizers and bins, designed with the same keen attention to detail and user needs. Perfect for professionals on-the-go, these organizers are an embodiment of practicality, ensuring tools are not just stored, but are easily accessible and organized. With LENOX® storage solutions, professionals are armed with the best, ensuring their tools are always at hand, safeguarded, and ready for any HVAC or Mechanical challenge.


1787473 Bucket Tool Organizer. The Lenox Bucket Tool Organizer Transforms Ordinary Buckets into a Versatile Storage Solution, Ensuring Quick Access and Organized Placement for All Your Essential Tools.


1787422 10″ Electrician’s Tote. The Lenox 10″ Electrician’s Tote Offers Specialized Compartments for Efficient Tool Organization, Ensuring Contractors have Streamlined Access to Their Essential Tools On-the-Go.


1787474 19″ Plumber’s Tote. The Lenox 19″ Plumber’s Tote is Meticulously Designed with Spacious Pockets and Compartments, Providing Contractors with Quick and Organized Access to Their Crucial Tools During Every Job.


1787426 16″ Contractor’s Tool Bag. The Lenox 16″ Contractor’s Tool Bag is a Compact yet Robust Storage Solution, Ensuring Contractors Have Their Essential Tools at Their Fingertips for Efficient Job Completion.


LENOX® Band Saws: Precision Engineered for HVAC/R, Industrial, & Mechanical Solutions
When it comes to HVAC and Mechanical solution projects, professionals – be it distributors, wholesale resellers, contractors, or engineering firms – gravitate towards superior quality tools that offer precision, speed, and durability. LENOX® stands at the forefront of this demand, showcasing its masterfully crafted band saw blades, tailor-made for various applications. The AEROWOLF™ series, adept at handling high nickel alloys, titanium alloys, and duplex stainless, is designed for versatility, perfectly suited for general-purpose applications. With a keen focus on tool steel, bearing steel, and mold steel, these blades prove indispensable in any setup. But LENOX® doesn’t stop at just one; the ALLOYWOLF™ blades are tuned for those seeking faster cutting rates combined with an extended blade lifespan, ideal for working with alloys, stainless steel, and carbon steel. Meanwhile, the METALWOLF™ series offers versatility for general-purpose applications, especially with carbon steels and structural steels. And for woodworking aficionados, the LUMBERWOLF™ stands out, promising long blade life, rapid cutting rates, and unmatched consistency across all wood cutting projects. Every blade, every design underscores LENOX’s commitment to excellence, making it the preferred choice for industry professionals.


Bandsaw Blades Designed with Versatility for General Purpose Applications. The LENOX AEROWOLF™ Combines Innovative Engineering with Optimal Performance, Ensuring Rapid and Precise Cuts Every Time. This State-of-the-Art Blade Stands Out in Demanding Environments, Offering Users a Long-lasting and Reliable Solution for Their Cutting Needs.


Bandsaw Blades Designed for Optimal Performance When Faster Cutting Rates & Longer Blade Life is Required. The LENOX ALLOYWOLF™ Delivers Unmatched Durability and Precision, Crafted Specifically for Cutting Through Tough Alloys with Ease. Professionals Will Appreciate its Enhanced Lifespan and the Consistently Clean Cuts it Produces, Making it an Indispensable Asset for any Demanding Project


Bandsaw Blades Designed with Versatility for General Purpose Applications. The LENOX METALWOLF™ Stands as a Testament to Superior Engineering, Designed to Slice Through Metals with Unparalleled Precision and Efficiency. Its Long-lasting Performance and Clean-cutting Capability Make it an Essential Tool for Professionals Seeking Optimum Results in Metalwork.


Designed for Long Blade Life, Fast Cutting Rates, and Consistency in All Wood Cutting Applications. The LENOX LUMBERWOLF™ Is Expertly Crafted to Handle Even the Toughest Wood Materials, Delivering Clean and Swift Cuts Every Time. Ideal for Woodworking Professionals, this Tool Guarantees Enhanced Durability and Efficiency, Ensuring Projects are Completed with Ease And Precision.


LENOX® Tools: Precision Crafted Since 1915 – The Cutting Standard in Construction & HVAC Solutions with Texas Reps.
LENOX® Tools, a trailblazer in the tool industry since 1915, has seamlessly combined precision with relentless durability to produce cutting-edge solutions. A proud subsidiary of the esteemed Stanley Black and Decker, LENOX has, over the decades, crafted an enviable legacy of innovation and top-tier performance. In the southern region, this legacy is fervently upheld and promoted by Texas Reps, the authorized representative for LENOX in the Southern Region, ensuring that the brand’s excellence is accessible to all.

Central to LENOX’s acclaim are its flagship product categories, including the unparalleled reciprocating saws, hole saws, saw blades, drill bits, and a versatile range of hand tools. Their standout band saws redefine efficiency, and the precision-engineered snippers have become an essential for many professionals. Tailored to meet the rigorous demands of contractors, construction magnates, and engineering firms, each LENOX tool is a manifestation of the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality, making it a top pick for wholesale distributors and dealers in the southern region and beyond.

With construction landscapes evolving and the stakes in HVAC and Mechanical solutions mounting, the need for tools that promise both resilience and accuracy is paramount. This is where LENOX, with the dedicated representation of Texas Reps, shines. For distributors, dealers, contractors, and other professionals in the southern region aiming for perfection in their HVAC installations and expansive construction projects, the synergy of LENOX Tools and Texas Reps offers an unmatched assurance of excellence.