Texas Reps: Cognituv’s Leading UV-C LED Disinfection Solutions for Pathogen Reduction
Empowering the World with Cutting-Edge UV-C Disinfection Solutions, Cognituv, Represented by Texas Reps in the Southern Region, Merges Peer-Reviewed Products and In-Depth Expertise in Radiation Physics to Prescribe Precise UV-C Dosages for Optimal Pathogen Reduction. Catering to a Diverse Range of Industries, Our UV-C LED Products Stand Out for Their Safety, Efficiency, and Ease of Maintenance. Whether You’re Seeking Ready-to-Use UV-C LED Products or Tailored Disinfection Solutions, Cognituv, Backed by Texas Reps, is Your Trusted Partner in Ensuring a Cleaner, Safer Environment.

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Cognituv’s UV-C LED Solutions: Leading Air Quality Protection for Today’s Businesses & Homes

In today’s market, contractors, distributors, construction managers, and building and facility managers are constantly seeking the best UV-C solutions to ensure the best air quality protection. Enter Cognituv’s UV-C Total Market Solutions: a blend of cutting-edge technology and innovation, providing unparalleled UV-C disinfection across diverse sectors. Cognituv offers tailored solutions for healthcare facilities, ensuring a reduction in Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs). For the food and beverage industry, Cognituv’s UV-C disinfection ensures impeccable hygiene, while in agriculture, our UV-C technology guarantees pathogen-free crops. Educational institutions, civic buildings, residential spaces, and even specialized sectors like the cannabis industry all benefit from our specialized UV-C offerings. As the go-to UV-C solution for modern businesses and homes, Cognituv ensures safety, efficiency, and a breath of fresh air. With the rise in health and safety concerns globally, Cognituv stands out as a beacon of trust, committed to delivering only the finest UV-C solutions in the market. From enhancing water cooling tower performance to ensuring the longevity of Fan Coil Units (FCUs), Bard Air Conditioners, and AHUs, our solutions are designed keeping the client’s unique needs in mind. Ensuring optimal functionality of HVAC systems, reducing the threat of airborne contaminants, and extending equipment life, Cognituv remains the first choice for those prioritizing quality and reliability. Choose Cognituv and join the legion of satisfied clients who trust in our commitment to a healthier, cleaner future. Explore the wide array of applications for which we offer tailored solutions below.

Empowering Healthcare with UV-C: Cognituv's Advanced Disinfection for Clinics & Facilities

Harnessing the power of UV-C technology, Cognituv is at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare safety. We offer tailored UV-C disinfection solutions specifically designed for hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, dental offices, and laboratories, ensuring an unparalleled standard of sterility. By targeting and reducing Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) with cutting-edge UV-C innovations, Cognituv safeguards both patients and professionals, redefining the benchmarks of a clean, pathogen-free healthcare environment.

Revolutionizing Food Safety, UV-C: Cognituv's Pioneering Solutions for Food & Beverage Processing

In the evolving world of food and beverage processing, Cognituv stands as a beacon of innovation with its game-changing UV-C disinfection methodologies. Addressing the industry’s demand for impeccable hygiene and stringent safety standards, our UV-C solutions ensure products remain uncontaminated, fresh, and of the highest quality. By incorporating Cognituv’s state-of-the-art UV-C technologies, businesses not only safeguard their consumers but also elevate their brand reputation, ensure regulatory compliance, and drive sustainable growth in the competitive market landscape.

Empowering Ag & Vertical Farming with UV-C: Cognituv's Sustainable Disinfection Breakthroughs

In the rapidly advancing realm of agriculture and vertical farming, Cognituv stands at the forefront with its transformative UV-C disinfection solutions. Recognizing the paramount importance of a sterile environment for optimized plant growth and yield, our UV-C technologies ensure crops are free from harmful pathogens, guaranteeing both consumer safety and regulatory adherence. By embracing Cognituv’s advanced UV-C solutions, agricultural enterprises can elevate their productivity, secure their reputation in the ag-tech industry, and champion a more sustainable and safe future for food production.

UV-C in Education Buidlings: Cognituv's Blueprint for Safer, Cleaner Schools

Cognituv is revolutionizing educational spaces by introducing cutting-edge UV-C disinfection solutions tailored for schools. In a world where a clean learning environment is paramount, our technology targets airborne pathogens, ensuring a boost in indoor air quality and a reduction in disease spread. By deploying Cognituv’s UV-C solutions, schools can prioritize the health of their students and staff, elevate the cleanliness of classrooms, and set a new standard for hygiene in education.

Ensuring Safety in Civic & Government Facilities with Cognituv's UV-C Solutions

Elevate the health and safety standards of civic and government buildings with Cognituv’s advanced UV-C germicidal light technology. Tailored for high-traffic areas such as town halls and courthouses, our UV-C solutions target both airborne and surface pathogens, ensuring optimal indoor air quality and reducing the risk of disease transmission. By integrating Cognituv’s UV-C technology, government facilities can foster trust by demonstrating a commitment to the well-being of both employees and the public, creating safer spaces for community engagement and governance.

Revolutionizing Residential Air Quality with Cognituv's UV-C HVAC Solutions

Harness the power of Cognituv’s UV-C technology to significantly uplift your home’s indoor air quality. With the ever-present threat of airborne pathogens, our cutting-edge UV-C lamps, strategically designed for HVAC systems, not only extend the life of your evaporator coils but also ensure a healthier living environment by neutralizing harmful microorganisms. Opt for Cognituv and transform your residential HVAC system into a fortress against airborne contaminants, ensuring both enhanced system efficiency and the well-being of your household.

Revolutionizing Cannabis and Agriculture with Cognituv's UV-C Solutions

Harness the power of Cognituv’s UV-C technology to address the unique challenges faced by the cannabis and agricultural sectors. Our cutting-edge UV-C solutions target and control common plant pathogens, ensuring healthier crops and enhanced yields. By integrating Cognituv’s UV-C light into cultivation and post-harvest processes, producers can ensure disease-free crops, increase overall productivity, and elevate product quality, setting a new industry standard for sustainable and efficient farming.

UV-C: The Future of Water Basin and Drip Pan Maintenance with Cognituv

Elevate your water cooling towers and basins’ performance with Cognituv’s breakthrough UV-C technology. Specifically designed to combat the persistent issue of microbial contamination, our UV-C solutions ensure efficient water circulation, drastically minimize fouling, scaling, and corrosion, and extend the equipment’s operational lifespan. Collaborate with Cognituv today for cleaner, safer, and energy-efficient water systems.

Boosting FCU Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality with Cognituv UV-C Solutions

Elevate the performance of your Fan Coil Units (FCUs) by integrating Cognituv’s UV-C germicidal solutions. Our advanced UV-C technology targets and eliminates microbial growth within FCUs, ensuring optimal efficiency and significantly enhancing indoor air quality. Choose Cognituv’s tailored UV-C solutions for your FCUs and experience prolonged unit lifespan, improved performance, and a healthier indoor environment.

Optimize Bard & RTU Performance with Cognituv UV-C Solutions

Unlock superior efficiency and pristine air quality in your Bard Air Conditioners and RTUs by integrating Cognituv’s UV-C germicidal solutions. Our tailored UV-C technology eradicates mold, bacteria, and contaminants, boosting HVAC unit performance and ensuring a clean, healthy indoor atmosphere. Partner with Cognituv for a customized UV-C solution that aligns seamlessly with your specific Bard or RTU design and enjoy prolonged lifespan and enhanced performance.

Optimize Your AHU & Energy Recovery Units with Cognituv UV-C Solutions

Boost efficiency and maintain a pristine environment within your Air Handler Units (AHU) and Energy Recovery Units using Cognituv’s state-of-the-art UV-C technology. Our specialized UV-C solutions eradicate microbial growth on HVAC components, enhancing unit performance, improving indoor air quality, and combating biofilm blockages in drain lines. Collaborate with Cognituv for expertly tailored UV-C integration, ensuring longevity and optimal functionality of your HVAC systems.

Empower Your HVAC with Cognituv's UV-C Solution for Evaporator Coils

Breathe cleaner, healthier air with Cognituv’s innovative UV-C technology tailored for both commercial and residential evaporator coils. Our UV-C lamps combat common coil contaminants like mold, bacteria, and viruses, ensuring an efficient HVAC system and improved indoor air quality. Trust Cognituv to deliver a lasting solution that not only extends your system’s life but also safeguards against airborne illnesses.


Cognituv Ready To Use UV-C LED Solutions: Advanced Air Quality Protection for HVAC Contractors, Facility & Building Managers

Contractors, distributors, and building and facility managers seeking state-of-the-art UV-C solutions for optimal air quality protection, look no further than Cognituv’s comprehensive UV-C product suite. The CGUV-FreshFilter-VCU, specifically engineered for HVAC systems, seamlessly blends into your air management structures, promising a noticeable reduction in VOCs, pathogens, and odors. With its single-door access for easy maintenance, expansive HVAC size adaptability, and integrated building management capabilities, it stands as an unparalleled choice for those prioritizing health and efficiency. Cognituv’s CGUV-OVERWATCH-2X2, tailored for drop tile ceilings, offers an extensive coverage of up to 1100 sq/ft. Its impressive features include silent operation, IoT-enabled real-time IAQ tracking, and a perfect blend with building management controls, making it a must-have for modern infrastructural projects. For those in charge of spacious offices and larger room spaces, Cognituv’s CGUV-FreshFilter-ME ensures premium air purification, seamlessly replacing standard filters while minimizing VOCs and pathogens. The CGUV-MASS capitalizes on natural room currents for peak air purification without compromising floor space, fitting perfectly in today’s state-of-the-art facilities. For those eyeing advanced solutions for air handler units, the CGUV-GRID is your match, with its wet-rated, corrosion-resistant design, it promises significant savings in energy and maintenance costs while ensuring exceptional indoor air quality. Each of Cognituv’s offerings, be it the CGUV-DUCT for duct units or the innovative CGUV-VENT for floor standing units, is crafted with the needs of contractors, construction managers, and facility overseers in mind, setting a new benchmark in UV-C solutions for air and water quality protection.

Cognituv CGUV-FreshFilter-VCU: Elevate Indoor Air Quality with the Best VOC & Pathogen Reduction

Harness the power of Cognituv’s CGUV-FreshFilter-VCU, specifically designed for optimal HVAC integration. Boost your facility’s IAQ by effectively reducing VOCs, pathogens, and odors, all while enjoying a low pressure drop and streamlined maintenance via a single-door access. Tailored to fit any HVAC size, this advanced system also offers building management, air quality monitoring, and control options.

CGUV-FreshFilter-VCU Spec Sheet

Cognituv CGUV-OVERWATCH-2X2: Advanced Ceiling-Integrated Air Purification for Large Spaces

Transform indoor air quality with Cognituv’s CGUV-OVERWATCH-2X2, the ideal solution for drop tile ceilings covering up to 1100 sq/ft. Not only does it reduce VOCs and odors for fresher indoor air, but its quiet operation, IoT-enabled real-time IAQ tracking, and integration with building management controls make it a standout choice. Pair it with an IAQ sensor and dashboard for complete control over your environment, ensuring a healthier and odor-free atmosphere.

Cognituv CGUV-FreshFilter-ME: The Ultimate Air Quality Solution for Offices and Homes

Upgrade your indoor air quality with Cognituv’s CGUV-FreshFilter-ME, tailor-made for spacious offices and larger home rooms. This innovative system effortlessly installs like a standard filter replacement, reducing VOCs and pathogens in an expansive area. With quiet operation, options for mobile or wall-mounted setups, and a straightforward on/off switch, it’s the epitome of convenience and efficiency in air purification.

Elevate Indoor Air Quality with Cognituv CGUV-MASS: The Silent Upper-Air Powerhouse

Experience the future of continuous clean air with Cognituv’s CGUV-MASS, harnessing natural room air currents for optimal air purification. This innovative design points UV-C upward, ensuring a safe environment without occupying floor space. Perfect for modern facilities, it offers seamless plug-and-play installation, silent operation, and options for integrated building management controls.

Revolutionize AHUs with Cognituv CGUV-GRID: Efficient, Adaptive, and Durable

Unlock a new era of purified air with Cognituv’s CGUV-GRID, expertly designed for air handler units from compact to expansive walk-ins. Dive into reduced energy, labor, and chemical costs while ensuring top-notch indoor air quality by eliminating bio-films. This versatile system, crafted from wet-rated and corrosive-resistant materials, is equipped with UV-C sensors and easily integrates with building management systems, making it a must-have for modern facilities aiming for sustainability and efficiency.

Transform Duct Units with Cognituv CGUV-DUCT: Customizable, Efficient, and Resilient

Experience the next level of air purification with Cognituv’s CGUV-DUCT, tailored for side-mounted installations on duct units. This innovative system, available in three standard sizes with customizable options, promises enhanced indoor air quality and notable savings in energy and maintenance. Crafted from moisture-rated and corrosive-resistant materials, and designed for quick and easy installation, CGUV-DUCT integrates seamlessly with building management systems, setting a new gold standard in minimal invasive duct treatments.

Revolutionize Ventilation with Cognituv CGUV-VENT: Magnetic, Shielded, and Efficient

Elevate your floor standing units’ performance with Cognituv’s CGUV-VENT, crafted for optimal air disinfection. With its magnetic attachment for hassle-free installation and specialized shielding to prevent light leakage, it guarantees improved indoor air quality (IAQ) while ensuring room safety. Integrated with building management systems, and designed with a safety switch for every device, CGUV-VENT is the epitome of simplicity meeting sophistication in air treatment.

Cognituv CGUV-SABER-T: Efficient Air Purification with Minimal Footprint

Optimize your HVAC drip trays with Cognituv’s CGUV-SABER-T, designed for seamless lay-in installation and maximum mold removal. With just one hole needed for lamp insertion and a separate, wet-rated ballast for strategic placement, this solution ensures improved indoor air quality (IAQ) even in tight spaces. Combining wet-rated, rugged materials with options for integrated building management and air quality monitoring, the CGUV-SABER-T offers hassle-free setup and unparalleled air purification.

Cognituv CGUV-BASIN: Advanced Chemical-Free Water Treatment for All Systems

Elevate your facility’s water purification standards with the Cognituv CGUV-BASIN, adeptly engineered for water basins ranging from compact systems to comprehensive water treatments. This groundbreaking, chemical-free solution ensures significant energy, chemical, and maintenance savings. With water-submersive, ruggedized, and corrosion-resistant design, it integrates seamlessly with building management and water quality monitoring systems, guaranteeing pure and efficient water solutions.

Cognituv CGUV-SABER-M: Streamlined Air Purification for Tight Spaces

Experience improved indoor air quality (IAQ) in compact spaces with Cognituv’s CGUV-SABER-M, meticulously designed for easy installation with just one hole for lamp insertion. Coupled with a detached, wet-rated ballast for flexible placement, this system efficiently reduces pathogens and purifies HVAC airflow. Prioritize health and efficiency in challenging spaces by opting for this hassle-free setup, which boasts ruggedized, corrosion-resistant materials and integrates seamlessly with building management and air quality monitoring systems.

Cognituv CGUV-ADAPT: Tailored UVC Solutions for Streamlined Production Lines

Transform your production line with Cognituv CGUV-ADAPT, a custom-engineered UV-C addition ensuring pristine product quality. Designed for seamless on-site adjustments and optimal UV-C dosage, it features reflective shielding for direct disinfection. With added safety measures like emergency stops, door kill switches, and alert systems, it’s a robust solution, further enhanced with real-time quality monitoring and made-to-order ruggedized components. Enhance your assembly line’s efficacy while prioritizing product purity.

Cognituv CGUV-GROW: Elevate Indoor Plant Growth with Precision UVC Treatment

Boost your indoor grow bed’s yield and quality with the Cognituv CGUV-GROW series, designed for uniform UV-C dosage without hot-spots. Its customizable design allows on-site adjustments for perfect dosing, while reflective shielding ensures direct and effective UV-C application. With built-in safety mechanisms like emergency stops and alerts, plus real-time quality monitoring, this system offers both enhanced productivity and peace of mind for growers. Upgrade your cultivation with precision and protection.

Cognituv CGUV-MURAL: Advanced Environmental Disinfection for Premium Food Safety

Cognituv CGUV-MURAL, innovatively designed for wall or ceiling installations, bathes surfaces in UV-C light, ensuring purified air currents, be it natural or forced. With no direct UV-C emissions, it guarantees preserved food quality, while its wet-rated, ruggedized, 304 stainless steel build promises longevity and resistance. Seamlessly integrate it into your facility with easy mounting and advanced air quality controls, reducing chemical dependence and amplifying food protection.

Cognituv CGUV-BARRICADE: The Ultimate Defense in Surface Disinfection

Introducing Cognituv CGUV-BARRICADE, the next-gen universal surface disinfection unit tailored for dynamic settings, offering both stationary and mobile configurations with integrated timers. Its unique design features a protective cage and reflector to maximize disinfection efficiency while ensuring top-tier safety through motion sensors and light monitors. Wet-rated, rugged, and enhanced with shatter protection, this unit stands as a beacon of reliability in demanding environments.

Illuminate the Path to Unparalleled Disinfection with Cognituv UV-C Lamps

Harness the proven efficiency of Cognituv UV-C Lamps, setting the gold standard in disinfection with an impressive lamp life of 16,000 hours and precise wavelength at 253.7nm. Offering a range of sizes – from 9″ to 36″, our lamps are equipped with the safety of No-Ozone and an optional FEP coating, ensuring durability and optimal functionality. Whether you need single-end 4 pin rectangle or flat designs, we provide detailed safety and data sheets for informed and secure usage.

Illuminate Safely with Cognituv UV-C LED: The Mercury-Free Revolution

Experience the future of disinfection with Cognituv UV-C LED, boasting a remarkable light life of up to 16,000 hours, tailored to application needs. Emitting a precise wavelength between 265-280nm, our LEDs ensure optimal dosage calculations paired with custom cooling for longevity. For informed and secure application, detailed safety and data sheets are readily available.


Harnessing the Power of UV-C LED Technology in HVAC Systems: A Deep Dive with Cognituv Products

In the ever-evolving world of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, there’s a buzz about a not-so-new but increasingly popular ally: UV-C technology. As health and air quality move to the forefront of facility management concerns, understanding the role of UV-C in HVAC systems is crucial for contractors, distributors, building and facility managers, and construction managers. So, let’s delve into this technology and uncover how Cognituv’s product line is setting new standards.

What is UV-C LED Technology?

At its core, UV-C technology employs ultraviolet light – specifically, light within the ‘C’ spectrum range (approximately 200nm to 280nm). This spectrum of light possesses potent germicidal properties. When harmful pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and mold encounter UV-C light, their DNA or RNA structures undergo severe damage or disruption. The result? These harmful entities are rendered inactive or are completely destroyed, ensuring that they cannot reproduce or cause infections.

How Does UV-C LED Integrate with HVAC Systems?

When incorporated into HVAC systems, UV-C lights are strategically placed to shine on coils, drain pans, or other crucial areas. As the system runs, the air circulating through it — and any pathogens it might contain — passes by these UV-C sources. The continuous exposure ensures the air is not just being filtered but is also actively disinfected, minimizing the risk of airborne diseases. UV-C’s prowess doesn’t stop at air purification. Over time, without a disinfection mechanism, HVAC systems can become breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. Such growths can reduce system efficiency, leading to higher energy costs and frequent maintenance needs. By preventing the buildup of biofilms and microbial contaminants, UV-C ensures that the HVAC system operates at peak efficiency, leading to long-term energy savings and prolonging the system’s lifespan.

The Cognituv Advantage:

Leveraging the rapid technological advancements, Cognituv emerges as a frontrunner in the UV-C technology integration for HVAC systems. Their unmatched expertise focuses on more than just incorporating UV lights; it prioritizes optimal placement, prescribed intensity, and efficiency to achieve tangible results that surpass modern safety and air quality standards. With a strong emphasis on data-driven disinfection, they pivot towards sustainable operations by minimizing chemical usage and reducing carbon emissions. Their offerings, imbued with energy-efficient technology, promise significant OPEX savings, while their IoT capabilities facilitate real-time monitoring for streamlined management. Cognituv also stands out by providing bespoke UV-C solutions tailored to diverse industry requirements. Their commitment to health and safety is evident in their robust defense against threats like VOCs and bacteria. Their ‘Plug n’ Play’ design philosophy ensures effortless integration into existing systems. Cognituv represents a transformative approach to UV-C integration in HVAC systems, championing both efficiency and sustainability.

In today’s world, where indoor air quality directly impacts health and wellbeing, integrating UV-C technology into HVAC systems isn’t just a trend – it’s a necessity. As the industry seeks the best UV-C solutions for air quality protection, products like those from Cognituv are paving the way, ensuring that our indoor spaces are not only comfortable but also health-protective.


Revolutionizing Air Quality: Cognituv’s Advanced UV-C LED Disinfection Solutions for Modern Facilities with Texas Reps.

Cognituv stands at the forefront of intelligent UV-C disinfection solutions, cementing its position as the world’s thought leader in crafting comprehensive disinfection systems tailored for pivotal sectors like healthcare, food/agriculture, residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Grounded in decades of peer-reviewed science and cutting-edge technology, Cognituv provides solutions that resonate with our customers’ bespoke needs, promoting sustainable, clean, and healthier environments across a multitude of sectors. Renowned for its commitment to biosecurity risk mitigation, Cognituv’s UV-C offerings are a beacon of enhanced cleanliness, odor control, increased yields, and significant energy savings. Texas Reps proudly represents Cognituv in the Southern region. As the premier manufacturing representative, contractors, distributors, and facility managers trust our scientifically-endorsed, USA-made UV-C LED systems. These robust solutions not only guarantee the protection of people and products but also uphold and magnify brand reputations.

Every industry confronts unique disinfection challenges, and Cognituv is committed to answering these with a diverse range of effective UV-C products. From elevating air quality and ensuring surface hygiene to purifying water and maintaining fluid integrity, our solutions are developed with precision, reliability, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. These pioneering solutions are underscored by strict US regulations and guidelines, imparting unparalleled confidence in the disinfection strategies adopted by businesses and facilities. With Cognituv integrated into our lineup, we regard our partners as family, offering the best solutions that not only safeguard essential assets but also chart a course towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.