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Bard’s New Advanced Variable Speed with Inverter Technology: The Next Generation of Energy Efficiency & Unparalleled Comfort

Bard’s Revolutionary Variable Speed Wall-Mount with Inverter Technology : Ultimate Efficiency & Comfort


Bard, a recognized leader in the climate control industry, has further solidified its position with the introduction of the Variable Speed Wall-Mount with Inverter Technology. Through dedicated innovation and a commitment to premium quality, Bard has ingeniously tailored this product to meet the evolving needs of various markets, ensuring enhanced energy efficiency, superior comfort, and significant cost savings.

Overview of the W3VH-W5VH VH Series Variable Speed Wall-Mount with Inverter Technology

The VH Series Variable Speed Wall-Mount with Inverter Technology encompasses the latest in HVAC technology. The unit’s primary highlight is its variable capacity functionality using inverter technology. Traditional HVAC systems function on an ‘all or nothing’ principle, leading to more energy consumption. Bard’s new inverter system, in contrast, adjusts its operation based on the actual cooling and heating demand. This technology ensures consistent temperature, reduces energy wastage, and guarantees prolonged system longevity.

Markets & Application Benefits

  • Schools: Ensuring an optimal learning environment is crucial. The new Bard VH Series Variable Speed Wall-Mount with Inverter Technology ensures quiet operation, eliminating noise distractions. Moreover, its efficient cooling and heating adaptability guarantees comfort for students irrespective of external weather conditions.
  • Modular Buildings & Light Commercial: With space often at a premium, the Bard VH Series wall-mounted design ensures space efficiency. Its reliable performance and energy efficiency result in lowered operational costs – a significant boon for businesses.
  • Equipment Shelters & Telecommunications: Reliable temperature control is paramount for equipment safety. The Bard VH Series Variable Speed Wall-Mount with Inverter Technology offers precision cooling, ensuring that sensitive equipment remains at optimal temperatures, thus avoiding potential malfunctions.
  • Energy Storage to Indoor Farming: Precise temperature control can mean the difference between energy efficiency and waste, or a successful harvest and a lost crop. The variable capacity of this Bard VH Series unit ensures that temperature remains consistent, catering to the sensitive nature of these applications.

Technological Innovations and Benefits

Variable Cooling Capacity (In-Depth)

  • Load Adaptability: The Bard VH Series Variable Speed Wall-Mount with Inverter Technology dynamically adjusts its capacity. On hotter days when the cooling demand is higher, the system increases its capacity, and on milder days, it reduces, ensuring just the right amount of cooling.
  • Energy Efficiency: With capacity modulation, the system operates closer to its optimum performance curve. This reduces energy consumption and leads to significant savings in power bills.
  • Comfort: By continuously adjusting its output, the system can maintain a more constant room temperature, enhancing indoor comfort. There are no temperature fluctuations, ensuring a steady indoor climate.
  • Extended Life: Traditional systems undergo wear and tear due to frequent start-stop cycles. The Bard VH Series variable capacity system, with its continuous operation mode, reduces this strain, thus ensuring a longer life for the components.

Exclusive Non-Fiberglass Foil Faced Insulation:

This environmentally friendly insulation, derived from recycled denim and cotton materials, is a testament to Bard’s commitment to sustainability. Its high “R” value ensures superior insulation, leading to better temperature retention and energy efficiency.

Durable Cabinet Construction:

The varying cabinet construction options ensure that the unit is well-protected against diverse outdoor conditions. This adaptability ensures longevity and uninterrupted performance.

ECM Indoor Motor Technology:

The dual shaft motor ensures consistent airflow, leading to a uniform cooling or heating experience. This ensures that every corner of the room receives equal attention, enhancing comfort.

Green Initiatives and Compliance

Bard’s Variable Speed Wall-Mount with Inverter Technology proudly aligns with several significant environmental and safety standards. This not only underlines the product’s quality but also its alignment with green initiatives. The non-ozone depleting refrigerant ensures that while users enjoy optimal comfort, the environment remains protected.

Additional Features & Benefits

  • Reliable, Easy-to-Use Controls: The accessibility of controls ensures ease of operation. Advanced features like the phase rotation monitor further bolster the system’s reliability.
  • Low Outdoor Temperature Cooling Operation: The Bard VH Series system’s adaptability ensures that even in colder external temperatures, indoor cooling remains unaffected.
  • High Outdoor Temperature Cooling Operation: The Bard VH Series efficient condenser coils and high airflow fan systems ensure that even in extreme heat, the unit performs seamlessly.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: With options for enhanced filtration based on MERV rating, the Bard VH Series system not only cools and heats but also ensures the air is purified.


Bard’s New Variable Speed Wall-Mount with Inverter Technology are a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence. This product offers a comprehensive solution, combining energy efficiency, enhanced comfort, and sustainability. Whether you’re an educational institution, a business, or any of the diverse market segments Bard caters to, this new heat pump promises unparalleled value.


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