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Bard MEGA-TEC Wall-Mount Air Conditioner for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Innovative Battery Energy Storage Systems Cooling Technology


As the energy landscape evolves, the demand for effective storage solutions, especially in the form of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), grows. Integral to these systems’ longevity and efficiency is the need for precise climate control to offset heat loads. The Bard Wall-Mount MEGA-TEC® Air Conditioner provides a solution tailored for this purpose.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS): An Overview

Definition and Importance

BESS allows for the storage and distribution of electrical energy, a crucial component in modern power grids, electric vehicles, solar power systems, and smart homes. With their adaptability and swift response times, they offer a cost effective alternative to other energy storage systems.


BESS essentially relies on batteries to store energy, charged either from renewable energy sources or the grid during low demand periods. Advanced BESS technologies encompass inverters, control components, integrated sensors, and multiple battery modules.


Their versatility sees BESS employed in peak shaving, supporting microgrids, and as an uninterruptible power supply.

Significance of Offset Heat Loads & Precision Climate Control in BESS

Heat is an inadvertent byproduct of energy storage and release. Prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures can impair the battery’s performance, reduce its lifespan, and even pose safety risks.

Optimal operational temperatures are crucial for BESS to maintain efficiency, battery health, and overall system longevity. The Bard Wall-Mount MEGA-TEC Air Conditioner, specifically designed for BESS applications, ensures these systems operate within safe thermal parameters.

Bard’s MEGA-TEC Exterior Wall-Mount Air Conditioner

An optimal tailored solution for BESS.

Addressing the Challenge of Limited Wall Space

With BESS, space often emerges as a major constraint. The MEGA-TEC, with its impeccable design, caters to applications that require substantial sensible cooling capacity yet are limited in wall space. Its multi-capacity feature effortlessly switches between three cooling capacities, ensuring both full load and part load cooling.

Efficiency and Compliance

An AHRI-certified solution, the MEGA-TEC surpasses the Department of Energy’s mandate of 10 EER and aligns with both state and national codes. Its IECC2015 compliance further attests to its remarkable energy efficiency.

Flexible and Responsive Multi-Stage Cooling

Dual refrigeration circuits with a total of three cooling stages, including a stage that operates at less than 35% of the unit’s total capacity, makes the MEGA-TEC adept at handling varying heat loads. This flexibility is further emphasized by its two Copeland Scroll compressors, which ensure uninterrupted cooling even if one compressor experiences issues.

PLC Technology – The Game Changer

The Programmable Logic Control (PLC) technology incorporated in the MEGA-TEC permits remote control over 14 units with a singular controller. Whether it’s utilizing the advanced diagnostics of the LC6000 controller or the user-friendly TEC-EYE™ interface, operators can exercise unparalleled control and monitoring.

Superior Features for Enhanced Performance

  • High Efficiency Blowers and Fans: The industrial-grade indoor blower, coupled with the outdoor fan motor, facilitates optimal airflow, ensuring superior cooling.
  • Full-Flow Free Cooling Economizer: This allows the MEGA-TEC to utilize external air for cooling when conditions permit, resulting in energy savings.
  • Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV): The Bard EEV ensures intelligent refrigerant metering, bolstering efficiency and reliability.
  • Additional Features: From high MERV 13 filters to optional coated condensers and evaporator coils, MEGA-TEC offers numerous features to enhance performance and longevity.

Ensuring Security, Safety, and Monitoring

Incorporating features like the Outdoor Air Quality Detection System, Emergency Shutoff, Dirty-Filter Alert, and Bard Guard™, the MEGA-TEC guarantees operational safety while also deterring theft and ensuring consistent performance monitoring.


The Bard Exterior Wall-Mount MEGA-TEC Air Conditioner encapsulates more than just cooling; it represents a commitment to the future of energy storage. As BESS continues to define this future, the MEGA-TEC stands out, ensuring that these systems achieve their maximal potential in efficiency, safety, and longevity.


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