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Optimized Cooling in Data Centers: Unveiling Bard FUSION-TEC’s Precision and Efficiency

Bard’s FUSION-TEC®: A Game Changer in Cooling Technology

The Imperative of Data Center Cooling

Data centers, telecom shelters, and equipment shelters represent the backbone of modern communication and information storage infrastructure. As centralized hubs storing mission-critical data, their uninterrupted functionality is paramount to businesses and individuals alike. Given the nature of the equipment in these centers, maintaining an optimal environment is crucial. Heat, being a constant byproduct of electronic operations, if not managed appropriately, can lead to costly downtimes, reduced equipment life, and even data loss.

Why Cooling is Crucial

Heat Load Offset: Every piece of equipment, from servers to routers, contributes to the overall heat load of the center. If not offset by an effective cooling system, the cumulative heat load can degrade the performance of devices, leading to failures.

Operational Continuity: With businesses relying heavily on the continuous availability of data, even a short interruption due to overheating can lead to substantial financial losses

Equipment Longevity: Extended exposure to temperatures above optimal can reduce the lifespan of sensitive electronic equipment, necessitating frequent replacements and incurring added costs.


Direct Ambient Cooling (DAC)
The FUSION-TEC stands out with its innovative design specifically crafted to optimize Free Direct Ambient Cooling (DAC) opportunities. It introduces a reverse-airflow design where productive outdoor air is channeled into the system from the lower portion of the chassis. This setup ensures that the heat within the shelter is effectively expelled from the top, eliminating the risk of hot air recirculation.

Ultra-High Efficiency and Performance
When the outdoor air isn’t suitable for free cooling, FUSION-TEC springs into action with its mechanical cooling operation. With an impressive IPLV of up to 17.0, it not only offers superior cooling but also aligns with the D.O.E.’s future 11.0 EER efficiency mandates.

Designed for the Future
In line with Bard’s history of constant innovation, the FUSION-TEC Wall-Mount Air Conditioner sets a new benchmark. By limiting the recirculation of heated air and amplifying free-cooling opportunities, FUSION-TEC assures unmatched performance, cost-effective operation, and a significant reduction in total cost of ownership.

The Power of Reverse Airflow in FUSION-TEC

A standout feature of the FUSION-TEC Wall-Mount A/C is its reverse-airflow design. But why is reverse airflow so critical?

  • Optimized Air Distribution: By drawing in productive outdoor air for free cooling from the lower portion of the chassis and exhausting heat from the top, the system ensures a consistent flow of cool air at levels where it’s most needed. This prevents the common problem of “hot spots” in data centers.
  • Prevention of Recirculation: One of the challenges in traditional cooling systems is the inadvertent recirculation of hot exhaust air. With the counterflow design, FUSION-TEC eliminates the possibility of reintroducing this hot exhaust into the cool air pathway, ensuring the air remains at the desired temperature.
  • Energy Efficiency: The counterflow design maximizes free-cooling opportunities, reducing the need for mechanical cooling. This results in energy savings, contributing to both reduced operational costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

Additional Key Features and Benefits

  • Step Capacity Scroll Compressor: Enables the system to provide just the right amount of cooling as needed.
  • Factory Installed DAC Free Cooling Unit: Offers superior free cooling opportunities, reducing reliance on mechanical cooling.
  • Bard’s Exclusive PLC Technology: At the heart of FUSION-TEC is Bard’s PLC technology, providing unparalleled control and diagnostics. With features like remote access, advanced diagnostics, and the capacity to control up to 14 Bard units with a single controller, it ensures smooth operation and timely interventions.
  • Performance Highlights: The FUSION-TEC offers over 90% S/T ratios, ensuring effective cooling. With features like variable speed motors, integrated dehumidification mode, and a simple 2-wire connection, it provides unmatched efficiency and adaptability
  • Security, Safety & Monitoring: Equipped with advanced monitoring features, the system continually checks for proper operation, outdoor air quality, blower operation, and more. Features like the Bard Guard theft deterrent system ensure the safety and longevity of the system.


Data centers are pivotal in the current digital landscape. They need cooling solutions that are not only efficient but also forward-thinking. Bard’s FUSION-TEC Wall-Mount Air Conditioner emerges as a holistic solution, combining advanced technology, superior design, and unmatched performance.

With its unique features and advanced PLC technology, Bard ensures that data centers can operate at their peak efficiency, ensuring data integrity, reduced operational costs, and a future-ready approach to cooling.


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