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ADP, the Exclusive North American Licensee for HVAC Drain Pans with Microban® Product Protection, Ensures Superior Protection Against Mold and Mildew Growth. As The #1 Producer of Residential Evaporator Coils in the USA, All Now Made with FlexCoil Technology Suitable for Any Refrigerant, ADP Guarantees a Perfect Match for Your Heating and Air Conditioning Systems. This Offers Efficient and Reliable Performance While Effectively Preventing Potential Mold and Mildew Issues.

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ADP Premier Evaporator Coils: Seamlessly Integrated FlexCoil Design, Effortless Installation, Enhanced Protection with Microban® Technology

ADP Flexcoil One Innovative HVAC Coil

Embrace the future of HVAC solutions with ADP Flex-Coil, a versatile coil that’s compatible with any refrigerant, designed to navigate the transition to low-GWP requirements effortlessly. As industry standards evolve, ADP’s Flex-Coil technology stands out, offering a seamless adaptation for HVAC systems, accommodating both R410A and new low-GWP refrigerants, thus future-proofing your inventory. This innovation simplifies inventory management and installation processes, thanks to its dual certification for A1 and A2L refrigerants, clear refrigerant type marking, and a Refrigerant Detection System (RDS) for R-32 and R-454B. With ADP Flex-Coil, you gain not just a product but a comprehensive solution that ensures flexibility, efficiency, and reliability in meeting today’s and tomorrow’s HVAC demands, all backed by the trusted quality of ADP. Enhanced with field or factory-installed options, ADP Flex-Coil is tailored to meet diverse installation requirements, providing an adaptable framework that supports both existing and emerging HVAC technologies. 

Harness the power of advanced HVAC solutions with ADP Premier Evaporator Coils, which stand as a testament to unmatched efficiency and integration. Perfectly aligned for distributors, contractors, building managers, facility managers, and engineering firms to manufacturers on the hunt for the best residential and commercial evaporator coils, the ADP range offers more than just a promise. With its industry-exclusive Microban® technology, it guarantees superior protection against microbial growth, ensuring a healthier, more efficient environment.

Evaporator Coil Product Guide

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Optimize your HVAC system with the ADP HE Series Multi-Position & Dedicated Downflow evaporator coils, designed to offer a flawless fit for any setup. These premier coils are tailored for efficiency, featuring adaptable dimensions, easy installation with built-in plenum flanges, and industry-exclusive Microban® protection, ensuring an enhanced, leak-free performance.

Whether it’s the multi-position versatility or the streamlined dedicated downflow design, you’re assured of a top-tier, reliable system, all underpinned by a 10-year extended warranty. The HE Series combines innovation and reliability to deliver superior performance in any HVAC application.


Elevate your HVAC efficiency with the ADP Horizontal Top Connection – V Series evaporator coils, a pinnacle in system compatibility and performance. Boasting a dedicated horizontal design for optimal attic solutions, these premier coils streamline installation with top refrigerant connections and dual condensate drains for unparalleled flexibility.

Enjoy the convenience of fast coil access, material choices of copper or aluminum, and aesthetic painted cabinet options tailored for perfect furnace color coordination. The V Series is designed to provide exceptional performance and seamless integration, making it the ideal choice for efficient and reliable HVAC systems.


Experience top-tier HVAC integration with ADP’s Horizontal Side Connection – HD Series evaporator coils, tailor-made for seamless compatibility with diverse systems. Optimized for crawl spaces, the HD Series provides counterflow capabilities for any airflow direction and boasts side refrigerant connections for effortless coil access.

Whether you choose the robustness of copper or the lightweight efficiency of aluminum, these coils guarantee a speedy and secure installation process. The HD Series is designed to deliver exceptional performance and ease of use, making it the ideal solution for efficient and reliable HVAC installations in tight spaces.


Discover seamless integration with ADP’s Plenum Coil – PL Series, meticulously crafted to align with your HVAC system while streamlining installation processes. This premier indoor evaporator coil not only ensures a leakage-proof experience but also boasts an integrated plenum and built-in handle, making installations in confined spaces like attics hassle-free.

With top refrigerant connections, dual condensate drains, and UV light knockouts, the PL Series offers unmatched flexibility in coil installation. Designed for optimal performance and ease of use, the PL Series is the perfect solution for efficient and reliable HVAC system enhancements.



Optimized for manufactured homes, the ADP M Series evaporator coils streamline installation and ensure a tailored fit for unique housing needs. These premier coils boast a filter-friendly top plate and down-turned headers for effortless line brazing.

Charged with dry air, these coils are compatible with both R-22 and R-210A applications. Additionally, they feature a low water retention drain pan and integrated downflow drip shields, providing enhanced functionality and reliability. The M Series is engineered to meet the specific demands of manufactured homes, delivering efficient and dependable performance.



Designed for versatility, the ADP HH Series evaporator coils are ideal for replacing legacy applications and ensure a seamless fit with any system. These dedicated horizontal slab coils are crafted with bi-directional airflow, providing ultimate installation flexibility.

Moreover, customers can choose between piston or TXV factory installations to further cater to their specific requirements. The HH Series is engineered to deliver exceptional performance and adaptability, making it a top choice for efficient and reliable HVAC solutions.


Efficient and Reliable Multi-Family HVAC Solutions – Discover ADP Air Handlers

Discover the ultimate in HVAC efficiency with ADP Air Handlers, engineered for top-tier performance in multi-family and residential settings. Known for their innovative design and flexibility, these units set the industry standard for space-saving, energy-efficient solutions that perform robustly across various applications. From the sleek, space-efficient ADP Low Profile – F Series to the versatile Multi-Position and Hydronic Air Handler – B Series, ADP caters to diverse heating needs, especially in cooler climates with both electric and hot water heating options. The Modular Blower Air Handler – MX Series highlights ADP’s commitment to swift, peak performance installations with its advanced ECM motor technology.

For compact areas, the ADP Compact Wall Mount – S Series and Soffit Mount – CP Series showcase ADP’s expertise in crafting customizable air handlers tailored for the multi-family market. These models offer a perfect combination of compact design, versatility, and high performance, suitable for both retrofitting and new installations. Incorporating ADP’s innovative FlexCoil technology, compatible with all refrigerants, ADP Air Handlers guarantee top HVAC solutions for residential, multi-family, and commercial applications, ensuring durability and adaptability.

Air Handlers Product Guide

Air Handlers Product Comparison


The ADP Low Profile – F Series air handler stands out as a compact and efficient choice, tailored perfectly for both single and multi-family applications. Featuring a design that is up to 12” shorter than comparable OEM models, it promises seamless installation and optimal space utilization.

Whether it’s the flexibility of multi-position configurations, the choice between electric or no heat options, or the availability of both aluminum and copper coils, the F Series epitomizes efficiency and adaptability. This air handler is designed to deliver superior performance in a compact package, making it an ideal solution for space-constrained environments.


The ADP Multi-Position and Hydronic Air Handler – B Series stands as a beacon of flexibility, tailored to serve diverse residential needs, particularly in cooler climates. With options ranging from electric to hot water heat and standard to variable-speed motors, the B Series ensures optimal performance and adaptability.

This series boasts features like a plug-and-play multifunction control board, side return options for specific BTU/H models, and easily replaceable hot water kits, making it a prime choice for those prioritizing efficiency and versatility. The B Series air handler is designed to meet the demands of various residential applications, delivering reliable and efficient heating solutions.



The ADP Modular Blower Air Handler – MX Series delivers unmatched flexibility and efficiency tailored for diverse applications. Boasting a 5-speed high-efficiency ECM motor and options for electric or hot water heat, the MX Series is designed to streamline installation processes.

With its modular design, compatibility with existing ADP coils, and multiple configuration options, it stands out as a premier choice for those seeking reliability and versatility in their HVAC systems. The MX Series ensures optimal performance and adaptability, making it an excellent solution for a wide range of HVAC needs.


The ADP Compact Wall Mount Air Handler – S Series is meticulously crafted for multi-family market installations, offering a compact design that fits seamlessly in walls or closets. Weighing in at 80 lbs. or less and standing at a sleek 30” tall, this lightweight unit is available in both copper and aluminum options.

Paired with top refrigerant connections and an efficient 5-speed motor, the S Series exemplifies convenience and high performance in one compact package. This air handler is designed to deliver superior functionality and adaptability, making it the ideal choice for space-constrained installations.


The ADP Soffit Mount Air Handler – CP Series is expertly designed to cater to the dynamic demands of the replacement market, ensuring a hassle-free installation in multi-family settings. With versatile tonnage options ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 tons, the CP Series comes with both PSC and ECM motor choices, delivering optimal performance.

Ensuring compatibility with all OEM brands and fitting the industry standard footprint, this ceiling mount air handler also offers a range of factory-installed heat capacities, making it the go-to choice for adaptability and efficiency.

Discover why ADP is the top choice for residential evaporator coils and air handlers in the USA. Their innovative solutions like FlexCoil are designed to meet the changing needs of the HVAC industry. Find out how these products can improve installation efficiency, air quality, and flexibility in HVAC system design in the video overview above.


Ultimate Heating Solution for Light Commercial and Residential Spaces Engineered for Efficiency, Reliability, and Peak Performance

ADP’s innovative unit heaters embody the perfect fusion of advanced engineering and sleek design, meeting the rigorous needs of distributors, contractors, facility managers, and engineering firms. Known for their exceptional efficiency, reliability, and precise functionality, these heaters are the go-to choice for heating residential garages and expansive commercial areas.

Each ADP heater is crafted for peak performance and stands out for its ease of installation, which simplifies the entire setup process, reducing traditional complexities. The UHRS Series revolutionizes heating in residential and light commercial settings like garages and workshops. It features a low-profile design packed with cutting-edge technology. Its patented aluminized heat exchanger distributes heat evenly, enhancing durability and extending unit lifespan. With options ranging from 30,000 to 105,000 BTUH and achieving an impressive 85% thermal efficiency, the UHRS Series is a model of heating efficiency.

For larger scale needs, the UHCM Series leads the commercial heating market, offering robust heating solutions from 125,000 to 400,000 BTUH while maintaining the same 85% thermal efficiency. The advanced heat exchanger technology, available in aluminized or stainless steel, guarantees consistent heating. Selected models feature two-stage operation, optimizing energy use and minimizing system cycling. The intelligent self-diagnostic DSI Control Board streamlines maintenance by enhancing troubleshooting capabilities.

Unit Heater Product Guide

Unit Heater Comparison Guide


The UHRS Series from ADP is a testament to efficient residential and light commercial heating, meticulously crafted for garages, shops, and more. Boasting a patented aluminized heat exchanger that ensures even heating and enhanced durability, this low-profile unit heater combines high capacities ranging from 30,000 to 105,000 BTUH with an impressive 85% thermal efficiency.

With features like a power exhaust, 30% quieter operation than its predecessors, and a self-diagnostic DSI Control Board, the UHRS Series epitomizes convenience, accuracy, and seamless performance. This unit heater delivers reliable warmth and superior functionality for a variety of applications.


The UHCM Series by ADP is precision-engineered to meet demanding commercial heating requirements, delivering optimal warmth in larger spaces. With heating capacities ranging from 125,000 to 400,000 BTUH and an impressive 85% thermal efficiency, this unit ensures high performance without compromise.

Key features include a patented heat exchanger available in both aluminized and stainless-steel variants, a noise reduction of 30% compared to earlier models, and a 2-stage operation feature in UHCM 250-400 models that enhances efficiency and reduces system cycling. The UHCM Series is also equipped with a self-diagnostic DSI Control Board, providing impeccable troubleshooting accuracy for reliable operation.

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ADP, Advanced Distributor Products WITH TEXAS REPS —

ADP, Advanced Distributor Products with Texas Reps — Leading the Way in Evaporator Coils Since 1992.

Texas Reps proudly represents ADP, a leading manufacturer of high-quality evaporator coils, air handlers, and unit heaters. Since 1992, ADP has been driven by innovation and operates a state-of-the-art research and development laboratory in Grenada, Mississippi. Their premier evaporator coils, featuring the advanced FlexCoil technology, are designed to perfectly match HVAC systems, offering an upgrade over standard coils with reliable performance. ADP ensures rigorous testing to guarantee the best results, saving time during installation and providing leak-free systems for homeowners.

Specializing in residential evaporator coils, ADP stands out as the largest trusted producer in the United States. Their Microban® technology prevents mildew growth and enhances product durability. With an extensive product range of over 10,000 SKUs, ADP provides perfect solutions for any HVAC system. Their advanced technical capabilities and efficient lead times solve HVAC challenges with ease, earning industry recognition.

ADP air handlers are meticulously tested for quality and reliable ratings, making them ideal replacements for residential and multi-family applications. These air handlers ensure optimal indoor air quality and energy-efficient HVAC performance for apartments, condos, and other multi-family buildings. ADP Unit Heaters offer superior heating capabilities for light commercial and residential applications. Engineered for maximum efficiency and increased reliability, they feature a patented heat exchanger that minimizes air resistance for even heating and enhanced durability. Equipped with thermostats and fans, ADP Unit Heaters provide precise temperature control and optimal comfort.

Experience cutting-edge HVAC solutions with ADP’s evaporator coils, air handlers, and unit heaters, and trust Texas Reps to bring you the perfect match for your needs. Backed by ADP’s commitment to quality and Texas Reps’ industry expertise, you’ll enjoy reliable performance and exceptional comfort in your HVAC system.